Tuesday, March 30, 2010

(As Petrus): Bad Timing~ Alessandra

“Did I ever tell you how Aro turned me into a vampire?” Alessandra asked as I came into the living room of our large farm house. I had been out hunting humans all night, feeding myself to death so that way I wouldn’t let living with Alessandra who- was –turned- into –a- human, get to me. I couldn’t allow myself to give into the temptation of eating her for dinner. I knew if I accidently sank my teeth into her now soft skin, Aro would probably have my ass or worst.

“No, I don’t think so. Are you playing my video games?” I asked jumping over the couch and plopping myself next to her. She shrugged.

“I couldn’t sleep.”

“The nightmares again?”I asked. I wondered briefly if she had told the Doc about these nightmares. She glared at me for a moment, then sighed and nodded.

“Memories.”She spoke softly. Since our few weeks together, I had found out more about Alessandra, than I knew she ever would have told me as a vampire. But I realized she had needed someone to vent out too when those nightmares and memories came and that someone was me. Probably the last person she wanted to spell those memories out too. It must have been awful to have seen her family and life slip out of her reach while she was kept alive to do Aro’s bidding. I could understand why she resented him so much.

“No, you never told me how Aro turned you into a vampire.” I said now going back to the conversation at hand. Deciding not to tease her about playing my video games. But really I didn’t think these games would be something she would ever try. Alessandra didn’t seem the type of person who would play video games. She was more of an aristocratic scholar. Perhaps that was why she seemed to get along with His Holiness so well. She took a deep breath and let the game end.

“It was some months after I was sold to him as a slave. I had found out right away that he intended to turn me into one of them. I also knew that he had my family murdered. And Piran… Piran was still out there, but I knew at this point I would never be able to escape, let alone, go back into society as a Vestal Virgin and if I had been able to escape, I was terrified of being buried alive.” She cleared her throat. I had known of course that the Vestal Virgins were buried alive, if they were found out to be well, not a virgin.

“I had decided that the only way to escape this madness that Aro had brought me into, was to die. To comment Suicide as a duty to my honor, and that of my families. It was perfectly accepted in my time. Not like it is today.” She continued. I stared at her for a moment. Alessandra had tried to kill herself, but Aro, must have intervened. Otherwise she wouldn’t still be here. I understood that, and I was beginning to understand why as well. She had after all, lost her entire family to Aro and then had become his slave. That must have been the worst part of everything, especially for someone of her status. To suddenly be under someone like Aro. Whom I was going to guess was a little insane at this time too.

“Aro found me, lying in his garden, I was so close to death… I woke up three days later and well. You know the rest.” She whispered at the ending. Was this a warning? I wondered as I steadied her.

“Why are you telling me this?” I asked suddenly.

“Because I felt that you needed to know, how I died.” She said an eerie sound creeping into her voice. Was she thinking about suicide again? I frowned. Suddenly, her phone rang and she shoved it off to the side.

“Alessandra.”I said looking at her. She shook her head.

“I don’t want to talk to him.” She stated.

“Then let me at least talk to him so he doesn’t begin to suspect anything.” I said reaching for her phone so fast that she didn’t have a second to decline. I flipped it open and found myself on the other side of the room.

“Alessandra's phone, this is Petrus.”

“Petrus! My dear boy--” Uh oh, I thought this didn’t sound good he sounded way to giddy. Did I just use the word Giddy? Maybe I was hanging with Alessandra too much.

“Oh. Hey Aro. Look," I sighed, exasperated, "I keep telling her to answer the phone, but she's in a weird mood, and--”

“Oh no no, my dear Petrus, I wasn't calling for Alessandra," Aro soothed, voice smooth as silk. "I was calling to speak with you.” I blinked, he was what? I must have looked stunned, because Alessandra turned to look at me.

“Yeah. . . I'm here. Why do you wanna talk to me?.”

“I have a very important mission for you! A great honor! You will return to Volterra immediately--” He wanted me to return to Volterra?! I looked over at Alessandra who had just finished telling me about her suicide two thousand years ago. Oh no, I could see this ending badly.

“Now's. . . not really a good time. Like I said, Alessandra's in a funk and I really don't think I should leave her--”

“It is not a request.” Aro's tone was somehow both sing-song and deadly serious at the same time, and I sighed frustrated, of all the times for Aro to demand to see me.

“Right. Of course it's not.”

“I will send Santiago to fetch you!” Aro said cheerily. “He will meet you in Seattle, at the airport, with the appropriate travel documentations and tickets and so forth! Tomorrow, after sunset. I would suggest you be prompt! I am looking forward to welcoming you home!” Tomorrow?! But that was far too soon, how was I going to tell Alessandra, that I was leaving tomorrow for Volterra? Oh shit, she was going to freak. I turned to look at her as I flipped the phone shut.

“What was that about?” She asked standing up and walking towards me. I backed away slightly.

“Aro, wants me to return to Volterra tomorrow. It wasn’t a request. He’s sending Santiago to fetch me. Fetch me, like I was a dog.” I said slightly amused. Surely I could ride an airplane alone without a Volturi guard to well guard me. Alessandra paled as I knew she would. I could read fear easily in her eyes.

“He… He… He what?” She said barley above a whisper.

“Alessandra, look, its going to be okay. I’ll just---“

“No… No… I am not returning to Volterra. Once he sees your mind. Once he touches you, he’ll know.”She was defiantly panicking now. I frowned, this wasn’t good.

“Alessandra, he’s not going to want you to return right away.”

“Petrus, you don’t know him the way I do.” She said sinking down into a chair near the counter. Her face had gone deathly white. “I cant go back there.” She said tears in her eyes now. “I felt so trap there, here I feel… almost free.” She lifted her blue eyes up towards my red ones. I sighed and reached out to put my hands on her shoulders, just to steady her a bit. Despite the many times I told myself, I wasn’t in love with her, I knew that I was.

“Alessandra, I wont let anyone let alone Aro hurt you. Nor will I let him take you back to Volterra, if you don’t want to go.” I said sincerely. I meant it too. She shook her head.

“No, if he sends for me, he’ll send the whole Volturi Guard for me if I don’t show up and I cant afford to have that happened here in Forks. I certainly wont let the Volturi come for Carlisle or his family.” I could tell she was freaking out by now, and there wasn’t anything I could say that would make it better. How could I leave her alone in a state like this?

“Promise me at least one thing before I go tomorrow.” She looked at me.” That you wont take any drastic measures before I return.” She paled a bit more and shook her head. I should have known I couldn’t get her to promise me that. I nodded, and found myself standing outside in the yard with her phone before I knew what I was doing. I dialed Dr. Cullen’s number.

“Hello Alessandra…” He said pleasantly.

“Hey Doc, this is Petrus.” I answered trying to match his voice. There was a slight pause.

“Hello, Petrus. What can I do for you?” He asked. I took a deap breath out of habit and slowly looked back towards the house.

“Aro, wants me to return to Volterra tomorrow for some reason. He didn’t say why. All he s aid was that he was sending Santiago after me in Seatlle.” I knew I sounded worried despite the fact that I was trying to hide it.

“Oh—No.” Doc said. “That isnt good at all.” His voice sounded strain. I knew what he was thinking. The minute Aro touched me, was the minute that Aro knew that he was a human, along with Alessandra, and his family.

“Look, I am going to do everything in my power, not to let him or the Volturi come here and hurt your family or Alessandra. But could you please maybe, do me a favor while I am away?” I asked.

“Yes, of course.”

“Alessandra’s been having these nightmares lately, terrible ones, and she’ll stare off into space as if she’s having a flashback at any given moment. She’s starting to really freak out. And she told me just now that she committed suicide before Aro turned her. It was why Aro turned her so quickly. I’m afraid, she may try and take an easy way out. She’s really flippin’.” I rushed.

“Alessandra, tried to kill herself before she was turned?” Dr. Cullen asked me a bit surprised. “She doesn’t seem like—“

“I am sure she told you a bit of her story, and really suicide wasn’t considered a bad thing in Ancient Times. I’m honestly not surprised. I just don’t want her to try it again.” Aro will have my ass if she kills herself.”

“Right. I’ll check in on her while you are gone. And Petrus.”


“Thanks, for telling me that Aro summoned you back to Volterra.” He said a worried note in his voice.

“You’re welcome, and thanks Doc.” I said hanging up the phone. Of all the times for Aro to want me in Volterra, it had to be now.

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