Thursday, March 25, 2010

Been a Long time but I promise to do better!

Location: Bedroom
Music: Little Women Score Soundtrack
Book: Syren by Angie Sage
Movie: Love's Unending Legacy
Mood: Chipper!

Wow, I feel very bad about neglecting my little blog for a month and half and I promise not too neglect it in the future. It's just that I've been so insanely busy and when I havent been busy, I've been very tired. So I havent felt like doing much.

The past several weeks have been insane really and with not really a whole lot going on. I did go on vacation at the beginning of the month. We went to Fairhope to visit my Grandparents that was tones of fun! And we didnt want to come back. Even our trip home and there was fun lol.

On that note, I've also been trying to get my grades back up in school which is not going as nicely as I would have wanted it. So that is partly the other reason why I havent been blogging as much as i normally do.

But I really promise to get things going again.

So here is hoping I can keep that promise. lol

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