Saturday, March 27, 2010

A Bloody Nightmare~ Alessandra; Twilight

I had of late, found out the real, true reason for my capture and the fall of my family. It seemed that there was a set of demons living in Rome and walking around amongst us that no one knew about. When I was brought into Aro’s Villa I was of course sworn into secrecy and told, that soon, I would be one of them. I could not for the life of me at first figure out why this man would want me to be one of them, until I realized that each of these strange beings had certain gifts. And I had a certain gift. Aro must have of course seen me used it. But where he had seen me used it, I had no inkling idea.

I stood in the back of a room staring over the garden. There was a deep pool in it that could offer me that which I desired so deeply. Hades had to be better than a life of eternity. Before I could stop my feet, I found myself walking, gingerly over to the pool. I sat down at the edge and dipped my hand into the cool, deep water. The next thing I knew, the water had enveloped me, and I could feel my life slipping, slipping slowly away.

I was not going to have to worry about becoming one of them. Those strange creatures with the frightening, red, glowing eyes. The eyes that wanted me for dinner. Soon, very soon I would be with my family…. The world slowly began to grow dark.

Then suddenly to my surprise, I found myself being pulled up out of the murky depths of Aro’s strange pool, and into the loving arms of my twin brother. So I had been right, I was going to see my family. Vestus lead me into the garden and finally turned around. Only instead of his handsome face with his deep blue eyes, I found myself staring into a face unrecognizable with blood dripping down his head everywhere and his eyes were the same strange red as those of the demons.

I screamed, and turned to run, only to slam into my mother’s bloody corps hanging from a rope. Then I tripped over my sister who reached out cold hand to me….

“Alessandra?” I heard a voice call to me from the depths of the pool. “Alessandra.” It said again this time a bit more urgent and I found myself drifting back into the depths of the pool and then back out of it, I opened my eyes, and stared at Carlisle Cullen. His eyes were full of concern. “Alessandra?” He asked again as I sat up in bed.

I reached for a glass of water. The cool, crispness of the water felt good down my hot, dry throat, and then I stared back at Carlisle through a haze of tears. For a moment, I couldn’t figure out why he was in my bedroom, much less in my house and I wondered how long he had been there. Did Petrus call him in? Did I drink again last night?

Then I remembered the food I had eaten last night and all day yesterday tasted bland. That’s why he was here. I hadn’t told him about the contestant nightmares.

“Are you alright now?” He asked very gently. I shook my head and lowered my eyes. I was never going to be alright.

“No.”I answered still shaking.

“How long have you had these nightmares?”

“Since I became human.” I admitted.

“And you didn’t tell me?”

“I had them before I was a vampire. I did not think it was important.” That and I didn’t know how to tell Carlisle that most of them where about him. Which was strange in itself. Perhaps that was just that I felt extremely bad for getting him and now his family involved into a much more dangerous situation than they had at first realized.

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