Saturday, March 27, 2010

Daddy Daughter Dance~ Alice Twilight

After having kept to ourselves for the most of the time we had been in Forks, it was hard to just jump into society. We were considered the freaks of not only our world, but also the human world. We Cullens were the strange adopted children of a man who looked far too young to have five teenage children. And people were still staring at us, though this was probably because we all were human now. We had hoped to sorda just be able to blend into society the way we had before.

Esme had of course encouraged the four of us to be more sociable this year, we were human now she reminded us and it was important to make friends. We no longer had to shield the humans from the fact that we were vampires and dangerous because we were no longer dangerous. They had to sense that in order to except that. But the four of us, were very content to simply hang with eachother. The way we had always done.

Even Carlisle seemed kind of uncomfortable at his table, being surrounded by those nurses who were always chasing him. Poor man, you would think that these humans would have realized he was happily married. At least the teens in the high school never tried to break Jazz and I up or Rose and Em. Though I had to admit that every teenage male eye was on Rosaile. She only had eyes for Em, and Emmett knew it.

Jasper came back from the buffet with his third plate of food, and sat down next to me as Nancy that nurse that Carlisle didn’t really like, practically dragged him across the dance floor. The music flowed easily out of the speakers and Nancy moved Carlisle very closely to her. I watched as I thought I saw him pale a little. Esme didn’t seem to notice at all as she was busy chatting with Noah, and when she did see Carlisle and Nancy together, she simply smiled. I could tell she was enjoying herself. But Pops, really didn’t look like he was having fun on that dance floor.

“You know, I always wondered how he managed to catch Esme, with as awkward as he is with women.” Jasper commented in between mouthfuls of food. Not being very gentlemanly like. Em laughed.

“Yeah he always has all these women after him, but he hates it.”

“Maybe its because he only has eyes for Esme.” Rose said quietly from her seat.

“Yeah but I mean he didn’t exactly have eyes for anyone else. Do you think he was ever with women before he meant Esme?”

“Of course he was, he spent some time in Volterra didn’t he?”

“But the wives are always shut up in their chambers.”

“Good point..”

“So maybe he never really experienced being with women then before he meant Esme.”

I sighed and exchanged a knowing sister look with Rosalie. You would think that after being with Carlisle and Esme for all these years, that Em and Jasper would understand the man. But it was clear that they didn’t.

“He’s just shy is all.” I said, as I thought I noticed that Carlisle did not look pleased at all with Nancy who seemed to be even more over him, than before. I decided to intervened and rescue my papa. After all, it was high time we had a father daughter dance.

I stood up and waltzed over to where the two danced. Then tapped Nancy on the shoulders. Carlisle nearly sighed with relief as the woman reluctantly gave me her dance partner.

“I thought, I was going to have to go through the entire dance with that woman.” He said gracefully twirling me around in a circle.

“ I didn’t like the way she was all over my father.” I said sweetly smiling up at him. He laughed.

“Oh you didn’t did you?”
“Nope, you would think that she would realize that you are happily married and not interested in her.” I stated.

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