Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Piran~ Alessandra Post

I stood in what would have been considered the kitchen of my families’ villa, watching as the spring flowers from the garden swayed with the gentle Mediterranean Sea breeze. My parents slowly danced on the blue tiled floor while a slave played a gentle tune on his pipes. In the distance I could see the sun setting, and I could smell dinner cooking from the ovens that the cook was making.

My brother lounged nearby with my little sister in his arms. He was very good with children and one day he would be an excellent father. My sister hummed to the slow song the slave played. While she played a game of Latrunculi with my brother.

Smiling, I glanced out the window and into the garden I noticed that a tiny muscular, fair- skinned man leaned up against the fig tree behind the kitchen, and my heart suddenly took a leap. Piran! I thought happily. I hadn’t seen the freeman in a long time. Not since I had gone back to the temple. Really it was only by chance that I was allowed to leave for a grace period. My mother’s baby sister’s marriage was after all a very important event to attend too. Besides it would look terribly bad if a Vestal Virgin didn’t attend her aunts wedding, especially, her favorite aunts.

Piran, had been one of my father’s captured slaves from the northern regions. He never told me where he was originally from; it pained him too much to talk about his family and home. I didn’t blame him. It must have been a terrible thing to be taken from your family and forced into slavery. Especially for the man who captured you. But eventually Piran earned his freedom and something else that I gave him throughout the years. I just had to be very careful how I showed it. A Vestal Virgin must remain a virgin at all costs. Or you could be killed. No one needed to know that I was hardly a virgin.

“Vestia!” Piran greeted me gently from his perch by the tree. He kissed me and I gently pushed him away. In case my parents or anyone else for that matter saw.

“Shhh, my love. They cannot see. How many times do I have to tell you that? Do you want us both to be killed?”

“Why should the gods care if you are a virgin or not?” He asked now annoyed as he drew me closer. We moved behind the tree so no one could see and he kissed me passionately. Once again I moved him away from me.

“Piran!” I said. He led me far away from the villa, down through the grape vines and into the woods, were we knew no one would see us and then he leaned me up against a tree.

“There, my sweet, now no one shall see and you can be at peace.” He smiled kissing me, and this time, I let him caress me with his sweet kisses, unafraid of spying eyes. Though I doubted very much that my family would say anything if I had a lover. They would rather see me alive than dead. ..

How I had completely forgotten about Piran, the one man whom I had ever been totally and utterly, madly in love with was far beyond me. Perhaps it was the one gift the gods had granted me since I had be turned into a vampire. But perhaps, not, because now that I remembered Piran, his sweet kisses, the gentle love we made under the tree, the feel of the touch of his skin up against mine, I couldn’t stop thinking about him. I sat up in bed, trying to slow my breathing down.

Piran, I thought conjuring up a mental image of the handsome fair- skinned, dark haired man I had once loved. The men, whom like my family was long dead. I often wondered if Piran had ever found his family, or if he had married. I took in a few slow, deep breaths to stop my racing heart. Why were these memories suddenly turning up? Was it to torture me even more?

And was my sleep always going to be filled with these memories and nightmares? I crawled out of bed and shivered. Why was it suddenly freezing in here? Did Petrus turn down the heat? No, he wouldn’t have turned the heat down. Because heat didn’t bother him the way it would have me. I frowned. Perhaps it was simply from getting up out of the blankets. I put my housecoat on and slippers than wandered into the kitchen.

No, I couldn’t go into the kitchen. That is where I had seen Piran last. I found myself glancing out the window and half expecting him to be there. Leaning up against a tree. But no one of course was there. This was madding. I needed something to do with my time, besides think of the past.

I opened a jar of peanut butter, even though I couldn’t taste it, and grabbed a box of crackers with a glass of milk. It was time to find out why Petrus loved his video games so much. Carlisle had said I needed to try new things. I wondered if he meant video games.

(OOC: Latrunculi is an ancient Roman board game a lot like Chess.)

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