Saturday, March 27, 2010

(Port Angeles, WA) Ancient Rome Bowling

After a few more rounds of bowling, Petrus plopped back down next to me to pretend to eat pizza. I knew that he could taste it no more than I could. But he had to put on the show of being human. The White Trash Lady was watching our every move. I half wondered if she knew what Petrus was because she continued to stare at him.

I sent her a death glare to try and get her to look away, but she seemed to be ignoring all of my looks. Which was just as well, I wasn’t in the mood to get into a fight with anyone. I had no idea how strong I was as a human. Though I knew that Petrus could easily smack the bitch up a bit.

I watched in horror as I noticed that the woman had a small child about my sister’s age when she was murdered. There was also a teenage girl with the girl. I closed my eyes, and had to look away. I felt very sorry for the girls who were obviously the woman’s children. They were chubby little children and wearing clothes that looked second hand and raggedy. Though, the teenager tried to spice her clothing up a bit. She looked just as bitchy as her mother but she had a sort of loving look for her sister that she didn’t have for her mother. When I looked back again, I saw another child come up to the woman, a boy perhaps a year younger than the girl. And there was a man. I assumed to be the woman’s husband. He was hideously ugly and his clothing well let’s say I would have been caught dead with a man like that. I turned around and faced Petrus.

Petrus ,whose face was much more interesting than the trashy white family next to us. But even his face couldn’t keep the memories away...

“Vestia!” I heard my sister’s voice ring out through the villa as she ran into me and I lifted her up in my arms and swung her around in the air. She was about seven or so. She laughed and giggled when I put her down and Vestus gently placed a sweet candy in her mouth.

“Ummm!” She said holding out her doll to me. I smiled and picked it up then picked her up too.

“What game shall we play today?” I asked.

“I want to be Vesta and you a priestess.” She said happily. “And Vestus, shall be my husband.” We laughed.

“Well that’s hardly a game.” I said. “I am a Priestess of Vesta.”

“But I am not her husband.” Vestus interrupted and I laughed.

“So what is the game today?” My mother asked from the doorway holding a basket of flowers in her hand.

“I am to be a husband and Vestia to be a priestess of Vesta.”

“That sounds interesting.” My father’s voice came from behind my mother as he turned her around to kiss her…

“Alessandra…” Petrus said. “Hello, Alessandra?” He sounded very worried and waved his hand in front of my face, bringing me out of the past. I took a deep breath and looked at him. “You where in another world again weren’t you?” Wow, he didn’t miss a thing.

I swallowed and took a sip of the soda to keep the tears down. “They just keep coming.” I said softly.

“Have you talked to the Doc about them?”

“No, he just knows about the nightmares.”

“But not about the human memories?”

“I’ve always had what you call human memories Petrus.” I said. The woman was now looking at me again. Maybe it was my clothing that set her off. It wasn’t my fault I had money and class and she didn’t.

“Yes but they are more intense now. You should talk to Dr. Cullen about them.”

“Um… Maybe.” I said distracted. “It’s your turn.” I reminded him remembering about our bowling game.

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