Saturday, March 27, 2010

(Port Angeles, WA) White Trash Bowling

“A Bowling Alley?” I asked as Petrus set a pitcher of soda on the table, and a pizza he insisted on buying for me, even though he knew I couldn’t taste it. I wasn’t allowed to have Beer like everyone else in the bowling alley. Petrus had said I drank too much already.

“I bet you’ve never been to a bowling before.” Petrus said shrugging off his rather expensive costume made leather jacket on the chair. His red eyes gleamed in the dim, Smokey yellow light. I glared at him while I gingerly put the bowling shoes on. The thought of wearing shoes that had been in other people’s feet didn’t please me. Who knew what these shoes had been in and besides I had the strange feeling that they were icky and stinky on the inside. Ugh. I missed being a vampire I thought picking up a bowling ball that felt far too heavy. If I was a vampire like Petrus I could easily pick up an eight pound ball.

“Aw, what’s the matter, someone can’t handle eight pounds?” Petrus asked in a taunting voice and I sneered at him.

“I’m not as strong as you are, I guess.” I said. “So how do you play this game?”I asked watching as a lady, alright she wasn’t what I would call a lady. More like a white trash woman from a trailer park, wobbled up to the bowling lane and throw the ball in the middle of the lane. I couldn’t believe that she knocked every single pin over! The look on my face must have betrayed my feelings.

“You know you judge people to fast.” Petrus commented.

“Yes well look at the way she is dressed, Petrus and her manners are disgusting. Why do people act like that?”

“They were raised that way.”

“I don’t believe that.” I said watching as Petrus walked himself up to the front of the lane as the white trashy woman had done.

“Alessandra, not everyone was raised the way you where.” He stated and knocked eight pins over. Hah! The great Petrus doesn’t know everything. I thought watching as he sighed and turned back around. He picked up a five pound ball and handed it easily to me. The ball was pink.

“Of course they weren’t.” I said. “ I was raised in Ancient Rome, but I would have thought that the same values and morals applied to humans today.” I threw the ball into the middle lane and gently concentrated on it. Bingo! The ball moved slowly into the position I wanted it too just as it hit the pins. The white trashy lady stared at me. Take That White Trashy Lady! I thought happily in Italian. Even little freaky ancient two thousand year old never gone bowling before eighteen year old lady can do what she did. There was a reason why the gods gave me my gift. It was to beat a White Trashy Lady at Bowling.

I watched in gleeful pleasure as the woman rose an eyebrow. Waddled over to the front of the lane and once again hit every pin. Damn she was good. Petrus laughed at the expression on my face.

“Give it a rest Alessandra she doesn’t know you are trying to beat her.” He said approaching the lane and knocking only six pins down this time. I grinned as handed me the five pound pink ball. This was fun! I couldn’t remember when I last had fun. Oh gods was I saying that I was enjoying spending time with Petrus?

“No, she doesn’t know, but I am beating you.”I only stated the truth as I once again knocked over all ten pins. I learned from the computer screen on the wall above the lane that this was called a strike. Petrus rolled his eyes at me.

“Only because I am letting you win. And you are cheating.”

“I am not cheating. It is not cheating if you use what the Gods give you.” I smiled sweetly at him while I took a bite of pizza and a sip of Soda.

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