Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Pratice Pitch~ Alice Twilight

Dressed in our baseball outfits, with our hats on, Jasper and I stood in the middle of our very large back yard. Of course it wasn’t our normal baseball spot. Put it worked, I mean, being human now, we couldn’t exactly play baseball the way we normally did. But it was still going to be fun and this was going to be the first time we could have big teams. The bases were already set and the lines were drawn, we were simply waiting for the others to join. The boys were going to have a very hard time cheating at this game.

I stood in the middle of the field, practicing my pitching. Jasper with the bat of course was throwing the ball at me and hitting it as I threw it at him. I had to see if I could still pitch as well as I did as a vampire, now that I was a human. Jasper had eagerly agreed to help me and after a few tries, I soon realized that I still was able to pitch and pitch well. I was going to wow the humans…. Well, our party guests, more than I probably already did. I was sure they were going to think me just a bit odder, oh well. It wasn’t my fault I was almost a hundred years older than they were and had loads of time to practice pitching.

“Want to keep practicing or no?” Jazz asked me as he threw the ball back at me. I caught it easily and threw it back at him with a grin. He knew I did, and threw it back at me, just as I noticed Carlisle and Esme in the window watching. I grinned up at them. I was sure my parents knew what I was up too and turned to see Emmett.

“So here is how it’s going to work.” He started to say. “See, we need to have the best team so we can win. So Jazz, you’ll be on my team along with Rose, the Newton’s and you.” I frowned and threw the ball back at Jazz.

“That’s not fair though.” I said. “I mean who is gonna be on Carlisle’s team? He’s looking forward to this just as much as we are.”

“It doesn’t matter who’s on Pop’s team. I mean he can be a nice looser.”

“Em!” I said.

“It’s settled. Everyone already knows whose teams they’re going to be on anyway.” He grinned at me, sometimes when Emmett had his mind set to something especially when it involved sports, you couldn’t change it. But that didn’t mean I was going to plan on sneaking over to Carlisle’s team and pitching for him just once. So I grinned right back at him. Sibling rivalry was always fun!

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