Saturday, March 27, 2010

Sinus Infection

Location: Bedroom
Music: Cute I'm not Cute~ Blog 27
Book: Syren~ Angie Sage
Mood: blah
It looks as if I have a Sinus infection that is really annoying. Yesterday my tooth hurt soo bad and this morning and i thought for sure I had a cavity but now I dont think so. My right eye right above where the tooth was hurting is watering and has guck coming out of it. So thats the first clue that I had a sinus infection. The second being that i am getting over a cold. I am not sure what is worst. A Tooth Ache or haveing an eye water all the time. Though I am leading towards the eye. Otherwise I feel perfectly fine. Which is totally weird. Bah!

On the plus side I finally posted all my posts from pan for the past month and got caught up in that. lol. about time uh?

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