Saturday, March 27, 2010

(St. Petersburg, Russia) The Death of a Friend

Was just invited to a Masquerade Ball by a very handsome young man, who gave the children treats.

It seems that the ball is in a town named Volterra. Neither, Nickolas or I have ever heard of it before.

The children are now also invited to the ball by the very man who invited us.

On our way to the ball!

The costumes and dinner were all paid for as was the trip to Volterra. What a wonderful, beautiful place. Can’t wait to explore it after the ball.

The Ball is in a castle!

At the ball, see everyone tomorrow morning!

Halika’s heart sank with each post she read from her beautiful friend Natalia, and by the time she read the last post, she knew that Natalia had been invited to the Volturi’s Masquerade ball. It seemed that her fears were closer to home than she had thought. She had of course known that Natalia was in Italy with her family for the summer but she had been told they were in Rome, not Volterra and therefore did not have a reason to warn Nicky or Natalia against going to Volterra. Had she any inkling idea that Natalia and Nicky could be in danger of the Volturi, then yes she would have told them to stay far away from Volterra. But Volterra was never a major tourist place. At least not for her friend who had wanted to see Rome and the ancient ruins, not Volterra.

The fact that Natalia, her children and Nicky were now all most likely dead also was not something Halika wanted to deal with. Because this meant that if someone she knew suspected that she was a vampire and connected her to Volterra, then she could be blamed for the families’ deaths. Now this was getting very deep. If this happened, than the Volturi could find out about her exists.

Viktor! She thought in a rush of panic. But Viktor was not any where he could hear her. Not like he could in the first place. He had always kept her safe in different stages of her life and she was sure he could keep her safe now. She shut her laptop off and closed her eyes. No, no, no she didn’t want the Volturi to find out about her. It was bad enough that they killed her friends. She had to keep her exists a secret from the Volturi and the Romanians. If they knew about her, things could only lead to trouble. And from what Halika knew about Aro, she really wanted very little to do with the insane man- vampire.

But what was she going to be able to do about it if the Volturi found out about her? Nothing, absolutely nothing. It wasn’t like she was going to be able to kill herself. Nor did she think that death would really be worth it. No, it was best not to panic. Perhaps, no one connect Natalia’s death to her. After all, it wasn’t like she killed her friend or the family. She just forgot to mention to them that oooh Volterra isn’t exactly a good vacation spot and by the way, I’m a vampire. That wouldn’t have gone over well either way. Perhaps her friend had been doomed to be eaten for dinner from the beginning of her life. But Halika was sure she could have at least prevented Natalia’s death from the Volturi.

With a sad sigh, she turned around in her seat. She had to think about what to do, and she had to think very carefully.

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