Friday, April 16, 2010

Bad bad me, for not updating my blog

Location: Bedroom
Music: Shut up and Kiss me~ Orianthi
Book: Syren ( I am gonna finish it one day)
Mood: awake

Yes, I seem to be terrible at keeping this blog up to date lately. I am not sure what my excuse is, I mean really I havent got one. But thats beside the point.

I have been busy alot lately. Between pan, school, and work, I dont seem to have much of a life lol. which is sad that these things take up half of my life. The other half revolves around sleeping.

Anyway, nothing much is going on here, my grades still arent doing very well. Thats my own fault. I am finding that I am just not interested in my degree anymore. Its always hard to keep going with something you arent interested in it.

On the plus side, I am making a case for my Ipod Touch or rather, I am working on making one. I also got my knitting badge from Mary Jane's Farm! Weeee Farmhood stisterhood whatever its called. Yes I am a proud dork lol.

So there you have my light little update.

I'll try and post my posts from pan. Cant promise anything though.

I am also thinking about creating a new blog. I dunno why. I probably wont but I am thinking about it.

Oooh and Glee was awesome, anyone who hasnt watched the new season has to go download it off Itunes.

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