Thursday, May 27, 2010

Mackinaw Island and a promise to update more

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Music: The Best things in Life are free~ Frank Sinatra
Book: Pygmalion~ George Bernard Shaw
Mood: blah

Okay so I had said in my last post that I was gonna try and remember to update my blog more offten. It seems that I had lied. I have no idea why I haven't updated it lately. I guess that old saying of when you blog, you have to want to blog in order to keep it going, comes into play here.

But really, there hasnt been a whole lot going on lately. I did go up north this weekend to Mackinaw City and Mackinaw Island. That was sooo much fun. We rented bikes and drove them all around the island which is 8 miles around. And then we went up to the falls and wondered endlessly over there. I bought some fudge on the island and a new dream catcher that is pretty neat.

Other that, I've been working a lot, but things are pretty slow at work at the moment so I'm not making alot of money. But i guess every restaurant has its slow period.

Oh and I am dying to hit up the antique stores again sometime. I havent done that in a long time.

I'm really going to try very hard to keep up with this blog.

I really am.

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