Friday, June 11, 2010

Different Parents (Alessandra Post Twilight)

I leaned up against the sofa watching Carlisle’s face to see what he thought of my little white lie. Okay, my big white lie. We were of course in no way related, and I had no plans of joining his coven any time soon. But I had to tell people something. The students and the teachers. I couldn’t see myself as his daughter. No that was far to awkward and besides, I didn’t live with them, nor would I. Esme wouldn’t like that, and I certainly didn’t want to come between Carlisle and any of his family members. No, it was better that I told them I was his sister. Besides, wasn’t that what Aro had said? Artemis and Apollo where twins. So why not? We both had blond hair and resembled each other. I was just 1500 years older than Carlisle was.

“I’m sorry if I stepped out of bounds. But I had to tell them something, and it seems to have satisfied everyone’s curiosity.”

“No.. No… It’s alright Alessandra.” Carlisle said still laughing. I couldn’t figure what was so humorous about the whole thing. “It’s just that…”

“Carlisle’s father wouldn’t have slept with an Italian woman.” Jasper finished a twinkle in his own eyes. I blinked. Oh. That had never accrued to me, than I shrugged. Why not? I wondered briefly. My mother would have, and she had been very beautiful. Any man would have counted themselves lucky to have a night in bed with her. Several men had counted themselves lucky.

My mother had worn a beautiful light yellow and green tunic that night. Her hair was down in waves around her shoulders, and she looked like a Goddess in the moonlight, when I had first seen him. She wasn’t shy about showing her new man, about the house. Even in front of my father, who had his own mistress in the corner of the room. My parents had a secret agreement between each other. I had no idea how their marriage worked, while they both slept with other people.

The man standing next to my mother was equally as handsome as my father, perhaps he was even better looking than my father had been…

“Alessandra?” Jasper said. Concern in his voice, and I blinked, just in time to watch him exchange a silent look with Carlisle. I sighed. It seemed that no matter how hard I tried to put my human memories behind me, they were always going to come up. This, I supposed was my own fault for holding on to them for so long. In a way I wished I hadn’t. Most vampires couldn’t remember their human lives very well. But me on the other hand?

“Anyway.” I said plopping on the floor in the middle of the room. “I had to say something.”

“My… half sister is… A decent enough lie.” Carlisle said. “I’m sure my father will…” Carlisle stifled another burst of laughter. “Turn over in his grave.” He finished after a few minutes. It was very clear to me at this point that we had very different parents.

By now, Petrus had finally shut the door and was going through the closet.

“I know they’re in here some place.” He muttered to himself in Italian.

“What?” I asked.

“The board games.”

“The what?”

“Here it is!” Petrus said suddenly and pulled out a green and white box with the letters Monopoly on them. I groaned. I could vaguely remember the kids in college playing this. Though I had never played it myself.

“Whose up for board games? Or we could take chances on the game system.” Petrus said grinning like a hyena at Jasper. “I bet I could whoop your ass at Mario!”

“Oooh you’re on now!” Jasper said.

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