Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Father's Day gifts

Location: Bedroom
Music: Quitter~ Carrie Underwood
Book: Neon Angel A Memoir of a Runaway~ Cherie Currie
Mood: Bored

So I rattled my brain last week for something to give to my dad for father's day and couldnt think of anything at all. And then, I remembered Martha Stewart! Thank God For Martha Stewart. Every day on her website she has new crafts and recipes. So I went to her website and found the perfect idea for my daddy.


So I went to the store and bought a long wooden box. It had flowers on top, and I decided to put leather trimming on it to cover those up. Then I found a small notebook, and a pencil. I bought a flash light, and a whistle that had a compass and a thermometer in it. I also gave him a bag of popcorn and printed up a map of Alaska to put in the box. Lets just say, he loved it! I was so happy that he liked it.

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