Friday, June 11, 2010

Playing With the Food (Jasper Twilight)

”Jasper, sit up straight. That’s a good lad. Now, don’t slouch. A gentleman never slouches. No, young gentlemen do not hold their spoons like a shovel. Child that is not a shovel. It is a spoon. You hold it like so. Tiny bites now, do not wolf down your dinner. There is plenty more where that came from. We are not keen on starving our children.” Aunt Lou had said in her do not mess with me or I shall spank you with the belt attitude. My five year old self had sighed and given in to her manners lesson. The whole time muttering to myself how I would much rather be outside fishing with Jimmy who was Aunt Lou’s son and my soul companion.

“I’ll tell my father that you won’t let me go fishin’.” I had threatened the old Negro woman. Aunt Lou had put her hands on her hips.

“Now you look here. Your father entrusted your upbringing to me, because that Momma of yours can’t be bothered with it. What with all the housekeeping and balls and parties she has to throw. No, she can’t be bothered with it. Do you really think you’re father would rather have a heathen for a son, than a gentleman?”

I had hung my head. “No Ma’am.” I said quietly and sipped on my soup…

If only Aunt Lou could see me now. I stood in front of my mountain lion who circled me as I circled him. Poor creature really thought he could take me a Civil War Major down? I shook my head and dashed in at him, as he dashed at me. Then we both stepped backwards. We danced like this for a while until I threw a punch at him. The Lion snarled and tried to rip me open with a paw. I caught it in one hand, than caught his other hand and we danced some more. Dancing with lions was always fun.

Jasper, I am ashamed of you. Gentlemen do not play with their food. I could hear Aunt Lou say, as I shoved the lion to the ground and twisted it’s neck in a clean break.

“Ah well, playing with my food is fun Aunt Lou.” I said to the ghostly image in my mind, as I sunk my teeth down into my mountain lion. Yum. Human food was better in both blood and grain. Mountain Lions were more fun to eat though. When I had my fill, and Carlisle was done hunting, we both meant back up in the woods.

“Satisfied?” Carlisle asked. I shrugged.

“It’s never really filling, but it works.” I offered. He smiled.

“Satisfied enough to keep from killing the others?” He asked a bit more clearly. I deserved that. I thought.

“Sure.” I answered.




“Can we visit Alessandra?” Carlisle turned and blinked once than stared at me.

“Whatever for?” I shrugged. I wasn’t going to tell him that Esme wanted me to read her emotions and his. I was interested in meeting her though. An ancient Volturi vampire trying to turn veggie was rather a big deal.

“I’d like to meet her, and see what all the fuss is about. She can’t be any more interesting than Maria was.” I added. Carlisle laughed a bit at this than sighed.

“Alright.” He answered.

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