Friday, July 23, 2010

Cartoons and other things (Alessandra)

My pink book bag, next to my feet, magazine in hand, I sat quietly reading as the sun began to peep its way through a haze of colorful clouds and into the glass doors, spraying a ray of golden sunshine, into the living room. My skin, suddenly sparkling like diamonds as a result. Wow, guess I wasn’t going to school today. I couldn’t go out into a world of human teenagers sparkling like a fool. I kicked the book bag across the room.

That’s alright, I didn’t want to go and deal with the stupid world of High School anyway. Why I was even still bothering with this mission was beyond me. I had made my decision to leave Volterra. I just had to do it slowly, so Aro wouldn’t send Alec back too…

Petrus came out of nowhere and plopped himself down on the sofa next to me, and turned the tv on, interrupting my thoughts. Typical, he flipped the station to the Disney channel. He still watched cartoons apparently. Aw wasn’t that so cute. Not really. I sighed and laid the magazine down on the coffee table.

“Cartoons?”I asked watching the TV as Mickey Mouse came on the screen.

“Not cartoons! Mickey Mouse Club House!”


“What it’s cute.”

“If you were three.” Oh my god, he even knows the magic words that Mickey has to say to make the club house appear. Are you serious? I shake my head. Perhaps going to school would be better today. Oooh look the clouds are rolling over. Mother Nature is my friend today! I went to grab the book bag. Before I could pick the bag up however, Petrus was suddenly beside me, he gently moved me up against the wall. The Mickey Mouse Club House theme song on now. Our bodies were close! I looked gently into his eyes.

“I think you should stay home today.”He said in a gentle whisper.

“You do, do you?”I asked

“Um… I’ll call the school and dismiss you.” Petrus leaned in to gently kiss me.

“And what will you tell them Uncle Petrus?” I asked.

“That you have the measles.” I laughed at this. I had never had the measles even as a child. Part of the reason why I had been chosen as a Priestess, was because I was never ill.

“Do children even still get the measles?”

“Alright, then I’ll have to tell them that you have a very high fever and will not be in until Dr. Cullen sees you.” He joked, softly kicking the book bag out of the way, and gently moving closer to me.

“And what if Dr. Cullen won’t see me today?”

“Then, we’ll have to wait until he will.” Petrus whispered. Donald and Mickey were fighting over something on the tv, but I hardly noticed what it was as my skirt and shirt were suddenly on the floor.

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