Thursday, July 8, 2010

Forks WA, Population 3,120 (Desiree Twilight Post)

After I had taken another yummy victim, (I didn’t really like think of them as victims, more like, dinner)and drank him dry of money, blood and everything else he had, I made my way from the tip of Washington state to the little town of Forks.

Forks itself was a tiny, dinky little town. The kind that you think of in those old American movies where you if you blink, you just might pass it. And indeed I nearly did pass it, if I hadn’t seen the big old sign that said in bold letters “WELCOME TO FORKS” Population 3,120.

Wow, talk about tiny, I was surprised that the town was big enough to even have a hospital. Then again, the hospital most likely served the whole area, not just the town. I was going to have to be careful and not take any handsome men for dinner in this town. A person who went missing here surely wouldn’t go un notice.

I pulled out the directions I had managed to print up to Alice’s house and tried to call her cell phone. Of course, I got her answering machine. I decided not to leave a message. I’d just show up at her house and hope it was the right one. Of course I knew her entire family by name. She loved to mention each one of them in her emails. And I could tell she was really happy.

I supposed I could even understand her desire for living in a coven. For me on the other hand, I preferred going solo. I had enough of men, and people telling me what to do in my human life, that it was just nice, to be able to do whatever it was that I damned wanted too. I never once thought about taking a companion. Never once regretted that I didn’t have someone to talk too. Because that’s what my dinner was for.

And let’s face it, humans were often more interesting to talk too than Vampires. Of course, I hadn’t really come across many vampires since being turned. Just Alice and a few others. Alice was the only one that I really connected with. In fact, if she had stayed in England we could have made a perfect duo. But, that life wasn’t for her. And who was I to tell her how to live her life? Besides, I was a firm believer that once you were an American you were always an American. Just like once you were British, you were always British. My father made sure that I knew that, what with his whole “I AM NOT FRENCH! I AM BRITISH!” act.

Boy, Alice really did live out in the middle of nowhere. I wondered how she managed to live so far in the woods and outside of civilization. Me on the other hand, I loved being in the middle of society. The city was the perfect place for me. Especially big cities, with lots of little humans and malls and hotels, and fashion designers. I doubted very much that I could ever live this far out of the middle of nowhere.

I turned a bend and finally came upon a house that resembled the one in Alice’s descriptions. Old fashion house, with glass windows reaching to the roof in the middle of the woods that had been remolded. It really was a beauty. I was going to have to make it a point to tell Esme that she did a wonderful with the revising of the house.

I parked the car I had bought for my stay in America, in front of the house. Pulled off my sun glasses, not that I needed them, and locked the car. I loved the little beeping nose that the new cars made when you pushed the lock button on the car remote. Then I opened the trunk and pulled out my luggage. Checked my phone again just in case, Alice tried to call me.

Of course she didn’t. Well, I was about to surprise her. I shut the trunk softly, and noiselessly made my way to the front door. Then rang the doorbell and leaned up against the porch railing.

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