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A Game of Tressette (Alessandra Post)

The basic concept of the game of Tressette was to reach a score of 21 before your partner does. Of course the game is normally played with four people, dividing up into two different teams. However, because Petrus and I only had two people in the house, we split up into two teams. Petrus was his own team, and I was my own team. Unfortunately for me, this was not a game I could cheat at. Cheating was something I was known for in Volterra. After all having a telekinetic power did come in handy for certain things like sports and card games and games in general.

There were many variations of the game, each region of Italy had its own version and luckily they were all very similar. Petrus knew a different version of the game than I was used to playing. But I caught on quickly enough and the rules were still the same.

The main one being no verbal communication. Talking was considered cheating. It is said that the game of Tressette was created by a pair of mutes so instead of talking, we used communication by a means of tricks or signs. And each sign was a trick that could be played in order to of course win. I was excellent at this game back home. But I had never played Petrus before. Then again I had not done much with Petrus even though we lived in the same house together.

La Bella Gigogin could be heard from the stereo and I was wearing nothing but Petrus’ silk shirt. I had to admit that we were slightly distracted from our card game which was probably why I was losing.

Petrus would slide over to my side, and a few minutes later slide back over to his side. Then I would slide to his side, a few minutes later… and we played this game along with the card game and the song on repeat for hours. Lucky for both of us that the song was a favorite so was the game we played in between our card game.

I was almost to a point in the game were I thought that I could win, when somehow above Amalia Rodriques’ beautiful Italian voice, I heard my cell phone go off. I reached for it and found that I couldn’t reach it. The cell phone then, flew into my hands within seconds. Petrus smirked as I answered it before looking at the caller ID. Once again, Petrus was very close to my side. I giggled.

O la bella Gigogin trallerillerilellera,
la vas a spas col su sposin trallerillerillellà.
A quindici anni facevo l’amore..

“Salve.”I said giggling some more and looked into Petrus’ eyes. How had those eyes become so dreamy in the past several days? I could easily get lost in them now.

“Hah! You just lost!”Petrus proclaimed happily, sliding back over to his side of the living room. Damn! I thought and I was soooo close. Stupid phone, I had to answer it. Right No talking rule. I never lost a game! I pouted. “Aw, such cute little pouty lips.” Petrus said quietly and before I knew it was very close to me again.

dàghela avanti un passo delizia del mio cuore!
A sedici anni ho preso marito:
dàghela avanti un passo delizia del mio cuore!
A diciassette mi sono spartita:

“Alessandra?” I heard Carlisle’s familiar voice from the phone. Oops, I had almost forgotten I had my phone in my hand.

“Ciao, Carisle!”I said into phone completely distracted of course, and giggled. “How can I be of service to you today?” I asked in Latin giggling again.

“I hope I am not interrupting anything.” Petrus gently pushed my hair off my neck, and kissed it. The shirt slowly coming lose. Oh no, I wasn’t busy in the least. I giggled again, and this time gently pushed him a way, putting a finger up to stop him. Now it was his turn to pout.

“Ah, sh.. il mio passerotto.” I said to him. He really was my little pet; I had caught him after all.

“No… No... You are not interrupting anything at all.”I said, of course, Petrus didn’t listen to me, and I found myself giggling again. “Petrus.”I said shooing him away again.

(References: ( how to play Tressette) (Listen to La Bella Gigogin) (Lryics to La Bella Gigogin)

La Bella Gigogin is a traditional Italian Folk song about a 15 year old who falls in love and at 16 gets married. It is a traditional dance song as well.

Ciao is an informal way of saying hello

Salve is a formal way of saying hello

Il mio passerotto means My little Bird in Italian it is also a term used to call someone a dear.

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