Thursday, July 8, 2010

Going to Detroit tomorrow

Location: Bedroom
Music: Jolene~ Dolly Parton
Book:Failure is Impossibple~ Lynn Sherr
Mood: Anxious

Yesterday I had an interview at Cracker Barrel! I think it went really well and I am almost 90% sure I scored the job. They're gonna call me for a second interview as soon as the GM gets back from Kalamazoo. I'm really excited about this. I think it will be a good thing for me to get out Flying J before they make all the changes and switch over to Dennys.

I also hung out with my brother yesterday. We went all over the place. Out to eat, to Walmart, came back here, then went back to his apartment. Oh and he got an oil change for his car too. It was fun. We also watched a bit of a movie before I had to go to my interview.

And tomorrow I get to drive out to Detroit and pick up my friend that is coming from out of state. Yay a drive to Detroit lol. I'm sure it'll be fine, I just keep freaking out because I have a feeling I am gonna get lost. I've never been to the airport in Detroit before. So it will be a new experience.

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