Sunday, July 18, 2010

Jewelry, Vampires and Bad Feelings (Alice post)

I gently folded Carlisle’s present and placed it into a white box I had bought at the store for the present. Then, placed the box in a sparkling blue paper bag I bought at the same store I bought the box. Next, I put green tissue paper up on top, and tied it with a pretty bow. Then, just for fun, added some sparkles and perfume. Yes I knew that Carlisle wouldn’t care about all the pretties. He’d be happy with just the tie itself. But I wanted to make it special. He had been looking far too serious lately. Someone had to lighten him up.

I quietly tip toed into my father’s study and placed the bag on the desk with a funny little card that had The Addams Family Theme song in it and little fangs coming out. I had put the fangs in the card of course. Apparently my joke on the Mercedes didn’t work. So, I was going to take a new route. I had just started to head out the door, and down the stairs, (I smelled food cooking), when I heard Emmett shouting my name up the stairs.

“Alice! I need youuuuuuu!” My feet barely touched the ground, as I made my way down the hallway to the top of the stairs.

“What’d ya do now Emmett?” I asked, tip toeing down the stairs.

“Emmett forgot about his anniversary.” Esme said pointing to the ring on her finger. Oh that was bad. Very Bad.

“And Rose is… Pissed!”

“Which one did you forget?” Wondering how Rose could be that angry with him when they had been married soooo many times.

“The one with colored photography.” Oh. Poor Emmett. Sometimes I thought Rose expected too much out of him.

“Come on, lets go to Seattle.”I said taking my brother’s hand and grabbing our jackets. This time I wouldn’t have to steal someone’s car though. Emmett had his jeep.


“Emmett, look!”I said pointing to a necklace with 4. 14 carats of Diamonds in it! The necklace was a beautiful antique silver, old mine cut and rose cut diamonds in a platinum laurel leaf motif. Rose was sure to forgive Emmett after this. It was just staring me in the face as I passed by the window of Alexandria Rossoff Jewels and Rare Finds on University Street.

“Holy…”Emmett began, but before he breathed another word, I dragged him into the shop.

“May I…” The cashier, a handsome man in his sixties with silver lining hair and an expensive suit on began to ask but I cut him off excitedly.

“We’d like the necklace in the window please.”I said.

“Which one?” The salesman ask, going to the window.

“That one.”I said, pointing to the diamond necklace I had pointed out to Emmett, as I looked up onto the street, I noticed a vaguely familiar face looking into the window. A face with red eyes. He smirked at me, and I sucked in my breath. A vampire? Of course it wasn’t beyond impossible for a vampire to be in Seattle, but a vampire looking at me in particular?

“This one? Are you sure, it’s very expensive.” The salesperson asked.

“Yes… Yes very sure.”I said smiling. “Emmett?” I asked. My brother of course hadn’t noticed the vampire in the window, and when I looked back he was gone. I had no idea why this vampire was scaring the jeepers out of me. After all, I had been around vampires my whole life. Well the life I remembered anyway. But there was something very familiar about the blond haired, red eyed vampire. Shaking, I moved closer to my brother. He was like a giant compared to me.

“Alice?” Emmett asked looking down at me. I gently squeezed his arm.

“Here’s my credit card sir.” Emmett said handing the salesman… His name was John, the shiny, plastic toy. Of course, looking as young as we did John survived the card for a moment, and seemed stunned when Emmett’s id and car matched. Even more stunned when the credit card went through. “Thanks a bunch! Now maybe my wife will forgive me for forgetting our anniversary…” He was saying to John who smirked slightly.

“Oh she’s one of those is she?”

“Emmett… I’m hungry, let’s go.”I said that gut wrenching feeling that something was wrong growing at an alarming rate in my stomach. Why was this vampire bothering me so much?

Emmett smiled.

“Thanks again.”He said waving after the salesperson wrapped the necklace up and put it in a box, then in a plastic bag.


After we left the building I continued to look behind me, expecting to see the vampire. It was a strange feeling. Being freaked out over something I was sure was going to be nothing.

“Alice, come on, what is it? I’ve lived with you too long not too know when something is up.” Emmett said finally as we nearly made it to my car. A shadow moved in an alley beside us, and I jumped. “Alice?” Emmett pressed standing in front of me.

“We should go back home.”I said carefully.

“Aw, but I’m hungry.”

“I am too; we can get something to eat on the way. But I think we really should go home.”I said again this time a bit more urgently.

“Alright.”Em said as his car lights blinked on. I looked back behind me. “Alice?”

“I’ll tell you when we get home.”I said.


“Alice what is it?”Jasper asked the minute Emmett and I walked into the living room. He must have felt my jittery emotions. The foreboding feeling in my stomach. Carlisle looked up from where he sat next to Esme, and now I had even Rosalie’s attention.

“I saw a vampire in Seattle.”I said quietly.

“So?” Rose asked.

“Rosalie.” Esme said.

“I have a very bad feeling about this vampire. It’s like… He looks very familiar.”

“Do you think you know him?” Jasper asks. And I nod my head. Jasper looks at Carlisle who nods.

“I only saw him briefly. So I’m not really sure of anything. Just this feeling, that I’ve seen him before and he’s frightening me. He smirked when I looked at him.”

“And you didn’t tell me about this until now?!” Emmett asks.

“I didn’t know if he was still near or not, and I didn’t want him to know, that I was frightened by him.”I explained. For a brief moment I remembered about my present to Carlisle, but it seemed like such a small trifle thing now. I didn’t ask him if he had seen it yet. Instead, I tried to see into the future. I tried to see this vampire. But nothing came. Just darkness. If I was a vampire, this wouldn’t be a problem. I looked at my family and then at Emmett. “I’m sorry Em.”I said quietly. “I should have told you, but really what could you do? We’re human now, not vampires. And humans against vampires…. Stand very little chance.”


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