Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Joanna's car troubles!

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So you know how you can go for months and weeks without anything ever happening and then one day, boom! Everything goes wrong at once? Well, thats what happened to me.

A few days ago, my change oil light soon came on, but I thought it would be okay until Monday, and so I let it go. My gas millage was at 368 and I've let it go to 400 before, so I thought that would be okay. It turns out that it wasnt lol. Thats just a nice way of putting it.

When I went to work on Sunday morning, it kinda made a chunging noise, and I thought thats not good, but it seemed to run okay. So I let it go. The service to engine light came on, but it made it to work. Then when I got out of work, it didnt want to go anywhere. So Amber and I put oil in it because it was dry as a bone. We ended up putting too much in it.

So I get it almost home, and the stupid thing stops picking up speed. I pulled over and turned it off. Then turned it back it on, it wouldnt start at first, but once it did, it made it home. Still saying change oil soon. So I called to work and told them I was gonna be late Monday morning because I had to get my oil change before I could drive it anyway. I want to keep this car for a while.

Well, I didnt even get out of Mulliken and it stopped picking up speed. I pulled into the bank and turned it off. It wouldnt start and my phone was dead, so I walked to the store and the guy wouldnt let me use his phone to call work. (How un neighborly of him.) To say I was mad at him is an understatement. I walked back to the bank thinking maybe it would start. And of course it didnt.

So, I started to walk home, and a man came out of his house to ask me if everything was okay. He must have seen me walk back and forth to my car. I told him my car broke down. He asked if I had someone coming for me and I told him I lived right down the road. Then he asked if I needed a cellphone and I was like yes! Can I call work and let them know I wont be coming? He said sure! And I called in to work the day before I started my two week vacation.

After that, I walked home, and talked to my dad. We figured that it could be that I let my gas get to low and took a gallon of gas up to my car. Turns out that it was it! And of course i felt like an idiot after that. My dad followed me to the gas station, and it took almost 50 dollars to fill. So, it was really low. Then I went and got an oil change and found out that my coolant was mixing with oil.

So I had to go home, get money from my dad and go to Sundance to get my coolant flushed. But now the car is working fine! I just hope everything is okay with it now!
And that it will be okay to drive to Detroit and back twice. I think it will be. Gonna take it for a drive in a little while to make sure everything is okay with it.

To top it all, my boss is leaving. He found a better job at another resturant close by. And I think this week and next week I am looking for another job too. I told him I was putting in an application at that resturant! lol I'll be a little shadow and follow him over there.

What a way to start a vacation uh?

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