Saturday, July 17, 2010

A Little Too Much in Common

“Your Grandfather was an Anglican Priest?” Carlisle asked as we conjured to the sofa. I nodded.

“Yes. He followed in his father’s footsteps. Each of my Grandfathers where Priest. The family took over the Parish in the 1670s. The original Priest’s son was supposed to take over the Parish when he died, but for some reason that never happened. I think the son disappeared or something. I don’t really know.”

“The son disappeared?”

“Yes and our family was the closet to the Priest. My Great something Grandfather had wanted to follow in the family’s friend’s occupation I guess. I never really paid my attention to the history lessons my Grandfather gave me. He wasn’t my favorite person in the whole world. My father’s parents were much more interesting to talk too. And they gave me cute little French treats that my Grandmother made.” I explained.

“What Parish did your family take over?”Carlisle asked.

“Oh I don’t know really know. I think the name of the original church was St. Mildred or something? It was named after some nun who starved herself.” Carlisle stared at me for a moment with stunned eyes. I wondered what I had said to surprise him. I looked over at Esme who sat in a chair pretending to watch TV, but I knew she was listening in.

“I’m sorry, that took me completely by surprise. My father’s Parish was a St. Mildred.” Carlisle said his voice quite and slightly surprised. . Now it was my turn to be surprise. If St. Mildred was indeed the church that Carlisle’s father had been a priest of then Carlisle would have… Oh… So he didn’t disappeared, he became a vampire. “What was your ancestor’s name?”

“John Rogers.”I said automatically. “His son was the one who took over the Parish. I believe the Priest became a Father figure to his son after John also disappeared. The Priest’s son and my Grandfather disappeared on the same night.” Carlisle sat back and looked even more stunned than before. I looked over at Esme who by now had put her book down.

“Carlisle?” She asked. If a vampire could have gone white, I bet Carlisle would have been a bit pale at this moment, he seemed to be far away as if he was remembering something, and I had the strange feeling that perhaps Carlisle was the son that had disappeared. If that was the case, then I was staring at the reasoning why my mother’s family had gotten into the Priesthood. And why my Grandfather had been so strict with not only my mother but also me. It must have been devastating for my grandmother to lose my grandfather and try and raise a brood of children alone in England during this time.

“John Rogers?” Carlisle choked out.

“Yes. His son was named was after the priest Abraham.” Carlisle sank back in his chair and stared at me with even wider eyes.

“The priest’s name was Abraham?” He asked still in a stunned voice.

“Yes. I don’t know what his last name was though. Did I say something I shouldn’t have?” I asked, I hadn’t meant to weird Dr. Cullen out but for some reason I had. But the odds of all this… Then again, Carlisle easily could be the very son that had disappeared.

“No Dear, it’s just that Carlisle’s father’s name was Abraham.” Esme explained.

“Oh… Oooh.”I said sitting up in my chair a little bit. Now it was my turn to be weirded out. “So you… You’re the son that vanished along with the others that night?”I asked.

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