Saturday, July 17, 2010

(London, 1851) Crampton's Locomotive

The idea that someone was offering to escort me who wasn’t ordered too by Aro, surprised me. Of course I shouldn’t have been that surprised because the escort was offered by Carlisle. It seemed perfectly natural that he should be the one who offered it to me. After pausing for a second to stare at him again, I gently took his arm.

“The lady would be delighted.”I smiled at him, as we began to stroll down wide, long hallway with its mystical exhibits.

As we made our way pass the American machinery and the carriages we came across something entirely new to me. It was a rather large objects or set of objects that looked like a strange bit of transportation? I left Carlisle’s side and slowly walked around it, reading the inscription on the tag. Crampton’s Locomotive Engine. I turned around to once again stare at Carlisle.

“What is a Loco… A loco… motive?”I asked.

“A locomotive is the motive power for a train.”Carlisle explained. “The locomotive moves the train on the rails.”

“What is a train?”

“A train is a type of transportation that humans came up with a few years back. It mostly consists of box cars that the humans can transport goods, animals and themselves on.”Carlisle continued to explain. I turned to look over the iron object or Locomotive. Now, understanding its name.

“I see.”I said. “But how does it work?”I asked. Carlisle chuckled apparently amused by my lack of modern technology.

“The locomotive is powered by steam created by coal or wood. You have never been on a train have you?” He asked. I had thought that was clear when I didn’t know what a Locomotive was.

“No, unfortunately while you managed to gain your freedom, I’ve been locked away in the castle like Rapunzel with her long hair.” I said mournfully. “The only reason why Aro sent me to this Great Exhibition was because he knew that I wanted to get away from Volterra.

“I see. How long have you been in England?”

“Since May.”I admitted. “I’ve been putting off seeing the exhibition as long as possible, and I intend to prolong my journey as long as I can.”I added. “It’s nice to have a bit of freedom for once. Perhaps I’ll even ride on one of these trains. “ I added.

“Alessandra why don’t you leave Volterra?” Now who was asking the questions? I sighed,why indeed.

“I tried too once, but Aro sent Alec to fetch me, and there was nothing I could do to rebel against it.”I sighed again. The memory of being reared unconscious was not a pleasant one. I hated being so vulnerable. “So now, I take what little chances I can, when Aro sends me out on his missions. Then I make Sully jealous.”I added with a little smirk.

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