Saturday, July 17, 2010

(London 1851) The Crystal Palace (Alessandra Post)

1,851 feet long, 108 feet high, made of nothing but cast- iron and glass, the Crystal Palace was perhaps one of the most beautiful buildings I had ever seen in my life, and I had seen a good many buildings. For once, I felt slightly bad about breaking into a building. It just didn’t seem right, but it wasn’t my fault I was a two thousand year old vampire who really didn’t want to expose herself to the humans. That and I knew if caused any trouble at all for the palace, that Aro would just cover it up.

However, I carefully unlocked the main door to the palace using my wonderful telekinetic powers, and then I shut the door and was just as careful to lock it again. Least someone think that I had broken in. Then again, if they did try and make a stink of it, I would have to just kill them. Humans were nothing but food for vampires after all. Though on a normal basis, I tried not to think of them like that. Humans were also beings that could create wonderful things like the Crystal Palace, art, music and science. We didn’t want to completely kill off their race. I argued with myself however, that I couldn’t have a human find out that I was a vampire and go screaming across London to start a panic. Aro wouldn’t like that. And if I caused trouble on this trip, he may not let me out of Volterra again. I shuddered at the idea of being locked in Volterra for another two thousand years.

After shutting and locking the door, and making sure that my dark 18th centaury velvet cloak wasn’t caught in the door, because of the insane amount of silks, petticoats and lace I wore underneath, I breathed a sigh of relief. There was absolutely no one in the building. I had the whole wonderful palace to my self and the workers wouldn’t be arriving for hours. This gave me plenty of time begin exploring the three story high building. Aro would be fascinated by the breathtaking view of the entrance alone.

Water fountains adored the entrance of the building and ferns, trees and other wildlife decorated the insane to keep the sun from hitting the exhibits. It was almost a Volturi’s heaven.

The very first thing I saw was a room dedicated to India with Hindu statues and paintings. Silks, curry and saffron. The spices smelled wonderful even to my vampire nose. The silks were so smooth, I would imaged that Sully would love to have a set of Indian silks. Across the hall was exhibit that I was looking forward to the most. The room dedicated to Ancient Rome.

I quietly glided across the room, and stood in the middle of it. If my heart was still pumping it would be racing, at the sight of so many things from my pace. I gently touched the hand of a replica of a staute that had once stood in the streets near the temple of Vesta, and felt a sudden wave of homesickness. Tears would have glistened my eyes, if I had any to shed.

There were not only artifacts and sculptures, and paintings of Rome in the room but also tiny buildings. The forum was so tiny like a dolls house. I wondered what Ceaser would have thought of all this. He probably would have been very smug about it. The world thought that Ancient Rome was such a unique place that they had to recreate it and put it in a tiny room that could never do it justice.

I could have stayed in the room for Italy forever, but that wasn’t why Aro sent me, and I noiseless glided across the floors into the back of the area to were the rooms for Greece and Persia were. Once again grand replicas of their most well known monuments, works of art, music and artifacts adored the room. I wondered how long it took these tiny humans to gather all these artifacts and put them in this enormous building, with such delicate care. Someone put a lot of thought into this. I would have liked to meet Prince Albert. For a man to create such a wonderful thing he truly must be an amazing person to be around. It was no wonder why the Queen adored him so.

As I continued to walk into the Spain and Portugal room, I suddenly heard a bell going off towards the west entrance. I stood silently as I listened to the bell ringing noiselessly. This wasn’t good. The bell would surely set off an alarm and little humans would come running. Plus, the only being that could possibly be in here without my noticing would have to be a vampire. To my knowledge, most vampires were not civilized and would not care about something on a scale this big.

Without thinking, I practically flew across the building. After all, it would be better for me, if I killed this being before it harmed me, or made public headlines. If I made a special of myself, I knew that Aro would never let me out again, and I just couldn’t let that happen.

I flew into the being, it seemed human like, but it was hard. My instincts had been right. It was a vampire! I smashed the vampire into the floor, and listened as the floor cracked beneath. I was about to twist it’s head off, when I heard a soft murmur, and stopped for a second. Then, stared into golden brown eyes. There was only one vampire I knew that had golden brown eyes.

“Carlisle?” I asked and shoot off him. Aro would never forgive me if I killed one of his favorites. Of course Carlisle would be here, it made perfect sense. I stood gaping at him for a moment. My mouth wide open in a very un-lady like manner. “I could have killed you!” I said a rush of Ancient Roman Latin

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