Saturday, July 17, 2010

(London, 1851) Tongue Ecraseur

As we came to the East Entrance of the Crystal Palace and finished touring the bottom half of the building, I decided that it was time to start touring the top. Rather than walk all the way back to the middle were the stair case was I leaped up to the second floor. After all, the only other being in the whole Palace was Carlisle, and he was a vampire. So it was perfectly logical for me to jump up to the second floor. When Carlisle didn’t follow me, I looked down at him.

“Aren’t you coming?”I asked. He rolled his eyes, and trying to maintain a form of dignity jumped up to the second floor where I stood. “You know, as much as you may try to be human. You aren’t. It is perfectly acceptable to use our God Given talents.” I said.

“I do not think I would call them God Given Talents.” Carlisle replied, smoothing his suit down and righted his top hat.

“Then pray, what would you call them?” I asked.

“Gifts of nature?” Carlisle responded and I let out a snort. Only Carlisle would say that.

“It’s the same thing.”I insisted.

“Earlier you said that you had managed to escape Volterra before Alec knocked you out. What did you do during that time?”

“I went home.” I said softly, unlike London, the Rome I knew was still there, in ruins, but there never the less.

“Ah, I should have accepted as much.”Carlisle said gently. “Did you find what you were looking for?”

“Yes and no.”I responded. “Rome has stayed mostly the same. The Rome I knew of course is in ruins, but I expected as much. The New Rome was built up around the old Rome. I did find traces of my father’s Villa. The orchard is still there.” An image of my families’ home floated into view, and for a moment I forgot I was in the Palace. And then Carlisle walked in front of me, and the image floated away. I sighed. “The temple of Vesta is still there.”I said as we made our way into the French Surgical Room.

“Everything was just as I remembered it; the old houses were still there. Well, their foundations. The forum was the Republic sat and quarreled all day like old married women.” I giggled. “ Some of the roads even still exists. It was fascinating.”I said softly. “But as you said, when someone is as old as we are, home is more of a time than a place.”I finished. Some of these tools that they use for surgery were gruesome. I couldn’t begin to understand what their purpose was for. Nor did I want too. There was one instrument however, that caught my eye.

“Carlisle?”I asked.


“Do you really use this… Tongue Ecraseur to cut off people’s tongues?”

“Not the whole tongue. Just the part that has been infected.” He answered. I shuddered, at the idea of losing half my tongue. Of course surgery in Ancient Rome was no better, but we had healers, and herbs. These healers and herbs did not cause as much pain as I would image something like this would.

“It is times like these I am glad I was alive in Ancient Rome and not today.”I muttered, running my forefinger across the instrument. “Surgery must be brutal for the poor little humans.”

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