Thursday, July 8, 2010

A Loyal Friend (Desiree Twilight Post)

"A friend of Alice's is a friend of ours—right, Desiree?”

“Any friend of Alice’s is a friend of mine. You will find that I am a very loyal person, once I make an alliance.”I said plopping down on the sofa. Watching as the weary humans made their way down a white stair case. The big burly human..Looked yummy. But I was very aware that he was off limits. Oooh but it was going to be hard not to test my taste buds on him. But no, I wouldn’t hurt any of them. Unless of course they gave me a reason. I doubted very much that this was going to happen.

“Carlisle---“ A beautiful blond girl began… Was this Rosalie? I stared at her for a moment. No, that couldn’t be Rosalie, and the burly human couldn’t be Emmett… They were vampires not humans. I gasped and turned to stare at Carlisle for a moment. My eyes grew wide, as I began to put two and two together.

“Y… You’re human?” I asked her. She glared at me of course, it was only natural for her to mistrust me. After all, it was clear that Alice had never mentioned me. And why should she? As far as she knew I was still in London. This made even more sense, because she was human now, and most likely didn’t have her freakish gift.

“I thought I found a cure, but unfortunately it’s only temporary.” Carlisle explained, and to say that I was astonished was mildly putting it. Dr. Carlisle Cullen found a way to turn a vampire into a human? Wouldn’t the Volturi love to have that. Or the Romanians for that matter. I whistled softly.

“You do realize what would happen if that fell into…”

”Of course we do.” Carlisle said perhaps a little too fast, and I let it slide. This was not going to be something he was going to easily give up. Not that I had any use for it. He looked at me for a moment with eyes full of mistrust. Had Alice really not told them anything at all about me? I sighed.

“I have no use for something that powerful I can assure you. I want nothing to do with it.” I said, and he seemed to breathe a sigh of relief.

“So you’re just here to visit Alice then?” Rosalie asked, and I nodded a smirk on my face.

“London was getting boring, and I thought I’d surprise her with a visit. Though, I must admit that I was surprised when she didn’t see me coming. Alice always had an uncanny ability to see the future.” I said laughing a little bit. “She gave me more than a little fright a few times.”

“When did you two meet?” The other woman with the long brown hair asked… I guessed that this was Esme. I smiled at her.

“Around 1938 or so. Alice had come to London for something to do. Though, I have a feeling that she had seen me in a vision.” I laughed easily. “She was there at this little dress shop I loved to buy my dresses at. It was a very high end place. Alice just walked up to me and said “I’m Alice… You’re Desiree.” I laughed at the funny memory. I could remember being shocked that she knew who I was and what my name was. No one knew my full name back then. But Alice did. “We became fast friends.” I said.

“London was never the same again. Of course it was never the same the day I was born either. My mother had always said that I was an instigator from the very day that she conceived me. And my Grandfather very much agreed. Said that I was the devil’s child.” I mimicked my grandfather’s voice, and then shuddered. He was the only person or being I was truly afraid of. As a child I had hid behind my mother’s skirts whenever he came into the house. I was convinced that he was the devil. If he could only see me now. I smiled at the mere thought.

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