Saturday, July 17, 2010

Secret Friends and Presents

Jasper looked quizzical at Desiree for a moment, but only for a moment and then relaxed. I knew he was reading her emotions, and must have sensed that she wasn’t going to harm anyone, especially me. I returned her hug, and smiled up at her. I couldn’t believe that she was here in Forks of all places.

“You must have missed me desperately if you were willing to come all the way to Forks.” I said smiling.

“Oh I did, and I was in the area when I remembered that you lived near Seattle. So I thought why not. It’s not like I’m doing anything better anyway.”

“Then have you changed your Profession” I asked, and peeped my head around to see Carlisle’s reaction. Sure enough, my father raised an eyebrow.

“Oh no, of course not.” She said laughing.” I was in Seattle especially for that reason, and my what a handsome, tasty one he was too.” Des continued as Carlisle cleared his throat. I grinned. I guessed I had never mentioned Desiree to the others. But I didn’t think I had a reason too. I had never once thought that Des would come all the way to America to see me. She had seemed so at home and comfortable in England. As if she was reading my thoughts she laughed again.

“England was just getting dreadfully boring. Always the same stuff going on, never anything new. It was much more fun right after the war and during it. I’m so glad I was turned before the war happened.” She continued. The war had a dreadful impact on England, one that had left me with horrified images; it was partly these images that had forced me to leave. I couldn’t handle the amount of mass destruction that the Germans had caused, plus the constant smell of human blood drove me mad. The other reason why I had returned to America when I did was because it was getting harder and harder to find passage. And I was terrified of being trapped in England forever. I had things to do in America. Like Meet Jasper and Carlisle.

“I am sorry I didn’t tell you about this before hand, but I had thought…”

“You thought I would see the decision and realize that you were coming.” I cut in and frowned. “My visions have been very blurry lately and I can’t focus on one thing and have a vision about it, like I could before.”I added. I was still a bit bitter about the fact that I couldn’t use my ability as well as I had been able to as a vampire. I peeped at Carlisle again who noticed for that I was upset over the issue.

“Alice, most people can’t see the future...” He began.

“I don’t like being normal.”I pouted.

“Darling you are anything but normal.” Desiree assured me still smiling. I laughed.

“She has a point.”Jazz put in.

“So how long are you going to be staying?” I asked.

“Oh as long as you want me too or when I get tired of Forks I guess.” She said happily. “I want to get to know your family. I can see why you’d want all this. Though I still prefer being solo.” She added her ruby eyes dancing. I laughed. Des never could understand some of my beliefs.

“Carlisle, did Desiree tell you that her Grandfather was an Anglican Priest?” I asked. “He was very much like Papa Cullen was. You two should sit down and talk.”I added. “So I can finish my present. Come on Jazz.”I said pulling on my husband’s hand gently as I began to walk up the stairs.

“Alice, don’t you…”

“Oh you’ll get along famously. The two of you have so much in common. And I think Des is even from the same area of London that you are!”

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