Friday, July 23, 2010

A trio not just one (Alice post)

After playing dress up with Seth, seriously, the teenager needed some new clothes, Leah finally made her way into the house. We had been hoping for this of course and the idea of dressing up Leah in some frilly, girly clothes was too much not too do. Though, I didn’t dare right away. Perhaps if I could manage to become friends with Leah, I could give her a whole new makeover. Then she could get herself a boy! Perhaps even Jacob. I could give her a new haircut; put some high lights in that beautiful hair… Make up, yes, a shopping day into Seattle…. I sighed.

No, none of these were probably a good idea. The wolves, with the exception of Seth were still very leary of us, even though we were human for the time being. I supposed they had the right to be, but couldn’t they at least try and like us for being us and not hate us because of what we were? It wasn’t our faults that we were vampires, anymore then the wolves could help being shape shifters. However, having Seth and Leah here in Jasper and Carlisle’s absence, giving the circumstances was comforting.

Though they were still children really, I knew that if they had the chance, the two of them could easily take down that vampire who had been stalking me. I shuddered as the image of the blond haired vampire came into view.

“Alice?” Esme asked. “It will be alright. I know for a fact that Jasper won’t let anyone or anything harm you or us, anymore than Carlisle will.” I looked up at my mother. My eyes full of worry.

“What if something happened to them?”I asked.

“Nothing happened to them. They have a family to come back too.” Esme reassured me.

“Besides, Jazz always says he’s never lost a fight.” Emmett piped up.

“Good point.”I said laughing. My husband never had lost a fight before. That was for sure and certain. I wished I could see something revolving around this nomad I had run into in Seattle, but every time I tried, I got nothing. It was sooo frustrating, not to be able to rely on a gift, I always had before.

Rosalie had continued to stare at Leah after Seth told her that the newest member of the family was pregnant and I had a feeling there was something else going on that involved Bella with Leah and Seth that we didn’t know about. We’d find out soon enough though. I smiled at Leah, she glared back at me. Nope, defiantly not a good time to try and give her a makeover. Just as I began to approach her, trying to forget about my husband being out looking for the nomad, the front door slowly opened.

“Jazz!”I said happily, practically flying into him with an uncanny amount of speed that I perhaps, shouldn’t have as a human. He laughed and gently platted a kiss on my lips.

“It’s alright. Were you worried?”

“Just a little.”

“Did you find anything?” Esme asked, handing Leah another handful of cookies.

“We did.” Jasper said. “But Carlisle and I decided it was best not to go after the even though I really wanted too.” Jasper whispered quietly to me.

“There are three of them…” Carlisle began. “At least, we are fairly certain there are three of them.”

“Their paths crossed. We did see a red headed vampire in the woods. She was quick, and in the trees. Carlisle thinks they’re the same trio of vampires who hurt Quill and the same set that Alessandra ran into.” Jasper went on to say. I peeped over at Carlisle. Seth, I was sure knew, about Alessandra given that he was probably there in the hospital when she first got the antidote. But I wondered if the other wolves did. I gently snuggled into Jasper. If anyone was watching us, I hoped that they would see, that he was mine and would kill for me.

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