Wednesday, August 4, 2010

an awkard situation (Alice Post)

Despite the fact that I was surrounded by at least two vampires who were both very capable of protecting me, Emmett and my sister, I still felt vulnerable. I felt helpless, I felt as if could breakable as glass, and indeed compared to a vampire, I was. I sat curled up in a corner most of the day staring out the window watching the rain come tumbling down in a sorda stupid melancholy state that I was never in. The mood, wasn’t something I was used too. Normally I was so happy, and I never had a reason to let things bother me, because I always knew the outcome of any situation. However, right now, considering how I was human and not vampire I didn’t.

Base coming from the tv were Emmett and Petrus had been playing video games all day long, grabbed my attention and brought me out of my little stupider.

“NOOOOOO!” I heard Emmett cry out nearly shaking the whole house as he slammed something down on the floor. It was amazing how much strength he had even when he wasn’t a vampire. I jumped, nearly half out of my seat and turned to stare down at the floor where I knew Emmett and Petrus were.

“ I won again!” I heard Petrus say, happily. Emmett restarted the game.

“I’m gonna beat you this time!” He proclaimed. Jasper sat back on the couch and looked at Emmett.

“Em. Give it a rest, you finally meant your match.” He said, looking over at me. Jasper must have felt my rather jittery emotions. He sighed, and suddenly I had three pairs of eyes on me.

“I’m alright.”I Squeaked, and slipped out of my seat. “Just gonna go into the kitchen and get something to eat.”I added. Feet barely touching the floor as I gracefully made my way into the kitchen.

“Bring me a Soda and some chips will ya Alice?!” Emmett called from the kitchen.

“Get it yourself!” Rosalie said from her perch.

“Why? Alice is in the kitchen…”I drowned the rest out, and once again found myself scanning the trees behind the kitchen window, the longer I stared at the trees the more convinced I was that someone was watching the house. Someone who shouldn’t be watching the house. I shivered and shut the blinds.

Then, I pulled a stool out of its spot in front of the counter, and scrapping it up against the floor, brought it under the cupboard I needed to get into. I stood up on it, a little unsteady still thinking about James and Victoria. Then tried to reach for the chips. Damn! Who put them up so high? I wondered. That was the one downfall of living in a family that was all taller than you. I started to climb up onto the counter, when suddenly the bag of chips floated down from their spot and into their hands.

How did that happened? I wondered, staring at the chips in my hands, and then nearly toppled over when I heard a movement behind me. Before I knew what was happening, I was in Jasper’s arms, and being righted back up.

“Alessandra.”Jasper nodded glaring at her. She giggled slightly, as Petrus came into the kitchen.

“I am sorry Alice, I was only trying to help.” She said. Petrus kissing her gently. I cocked my head to one side as I watched the two together. Then smiled up at Jasper. I was finally getting my wish to meet Alessandra! And what was more, was that Esme had nothing to fear about Alessandra trying to steal Carlisle from her. It was pretty clear that Alessandra only had eyes for one person. Petrus.

“Jasper, you can stop glaring at me, I wasn’t going to let her fall, you were just faster than I was, is all.”She added, dropping her designer book bag onto the floor. Jasper growled. I gently patted his hand.

“I’m alright Jazz.”I said to reassure him. Poor Alessandra, couldn’t do anything right when it came to my family could she?

“She may be human, but a little fall wouldn’t have hurt her.”Alessandra continued. “Gods know I fell down enough in my human days.” She added pulling out her school books and plopping them onto the counter. She shifted the bag, and her pencil case slowly floated out of the bag. I couldn’t help but stair at her. No wonder why Carlisle wanted her here.

“Petrus if Alessandra nearly toppled over because of a vampire when she was human would you be upset?” Jasper asked, the other Volturi member in the house who chucked.

“Nope.” He answered gently placing a kiss on Alessandra’s lips. “Because she probably deserved it.”

“Hey!” Alessandra slapped him.

“How was school?” Petrus asked.

“Boring.”Alessandra said with a shrug. “I could teach half the classes myself.” She added with a sly grin. “But Aro wouldn’t like that.”

“I should say not.” Petrus replied pulling Alessandra gently down from the stool she had pulled herself up on top of and kissed her again. “Jasper will you and Alessandra be alright if I well you know?” Jasper nodded.

“We’ll be fine, Carlisle should be here soon and so will Esme.”

“Aw you aren’t leaving are you?” Emmett said coming into the kitchen. “Alice where is my chips and Dew?”

“Where are my chips and mountain dew?” Rosalie corrected, as I started to hand my brother his snack. The floated out of my hands and into Emmett’s hands. Was Alessandra showing off? I wondered. Yep. She smirked at the confused look on Emmett’s face, and then laughed.

“Hey Petrus, what’s your gift?” Emmett asked suddenly.

“That is a surprised.” Petrus said. “But it’s really awesome.” He smirked and kissed Alessandra again.

“If you need me…” He began.

“I’ll call.” She answered. “but I am sure we wont. Take your time. Just don’t take too long.” Alessandra grinned. I looked from Alessandra, to Petrus to my siblings, was this more awkward than I had hoped or what?

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