Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A bunch of randomness. Seems to me my lot in life

Book: Soulless~ Gail Carriger
Music; Thats where you take me~ Britney Spears
Mood: Accomplished

Okay, so nothing much has been happening lately. Well, the past few days anyway lol. I did send away for two more books. Not that I need anymore. Oh and I bought Cranford by Elizabeth Glaskall.

Tomorrow I am determined to make my Treacle Tart when I get out of work and have it with tea. I may even stop at the store and get some whipped cream to go with it. :) We'll see how I feel though. I think I am gonna be pretty tired. I have to work tonight and then back in at 5:45 am. ugh. Only good thing is, I get out at 1:30 and have the next day off. So I can go home and sleep!

oh and Soulless is getting good! I really recommend it.

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