Monday, August 23, 2010

(Calgary, 1972) A dance of Spanish (Jasper Post)

Maria was coming, it was something that only Carlisle was prepared for. Alice was too occupied trying to prep herself to make friends with Maria. I wasn’t sure I liked the idea of my wife trying to be friends with my ex. How did any man prepare himself for that, I wondered.

“I’m sure everything will turn out just fine. She is probably just coming for a short visit to see you. I mean its been what…?” Alice was saying.

“A while.”I finished standing up and walking over to the front door. I could hear her coming up the drive way. I opened the door just as she was going to knock. At least she had enough respect to knock. Most vampires didn’t.

“Hola querido! Ha sido mucho tiempo!”* She exclaimed and threw her arms around me. I gently peeled them off. Alice was suddenly by my side bouncing with excitement.

“Jasper.” She said.

“Maria, I’d like you to meet my wife, Alice. Alice, this is Maria.” Alice practically threw her arms around Maria.

“I’m so happy to meet you Maria. I know we’ll be great friends!”Alice said a little too excitedly while Maria took a step backwards. I was sure she wasn’t used to my wife’s strange excited ways. Most vampires didn’t great Maria with a hug. She smiled though, so that was a good sign.

“I am sure we will be.”Maria said. “It seems that we have at least one thing in common.” Maria looked hungrily at me. I glared at her.

“Maria, I’d like you to meet my… family.”I hesitated at the last word. Clan wasn’t really the right word to use, and family really wasn’t either, but they were more of a family to me than Maria had ever been. She seemed to read my emotions, and sucked in her breath.

“So it is true. You have become a strange one after all haven’t you? Leaving behind all that I taught you mi corazón*. Living with a family now…” She said, hurt by this. Well, it was her fault. I had been nothing to her but a puppet. “Well, are you going to introduce me?” She asked.

“Rosalie.”I said pointing to my sister who stood close to Emmett. “Emmett, her husband and my brother.”I added. “This is Edward, Esme my mother and Carlisle my father.”I hesitated at each name, each familiar to me, but unfamiliar to me. Carlisle left Esme’s side, to great Maria.

“Dona Maria, es un placer de tenerle nos visita.*” Carlisle said warmly, his accent was a little off and Maria looked at him a little funny. Then her eyes lit up as she realized he was using Spanish from Spain not Mexico.

“Cómo encantar, sabe español. Es un placer de encontrarle señor.”*


Thank you Carlisle for the tip.

Here is the English translations From the beginning of the post to the ending.

Hola querido! Ha sido mucho tiempo : Hola darling, It has been a long time.

mi corazón: My Heart

Dona Maria, es un placer de tenerle nos visita: Madam Maria it is a pleasure to have you visit us.

Cómo encantar, sabe español. Es un placer de encontrarle señor: How charming you know Spanish. It is a pleasure to meet you sir.)

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