Monday, August 23, 2010

(Calgary, 1972) Safty is in numbers (Jasper)

“Oui cariño a estas personas son tan extraños, necesita venir a casa conmigo! ¿Cómo se puede vivir con ellos?” Was the first thing that Maria said as soon as we were out of the house. “I had heard of vampires living on animal blood instead of human blood. Such strange ideas. We were not made to feed off animals. Jasper, I didn’t create you to have you…”

“Maria, what are you doing here exactly? I know you are up to something.” I said cutting her off and leaning up against a tree in the yard. I didn’t need to hear why she had created me, I knew why she had created me. Maria blinked her red eyes for a moment, and then laughed her girlish laugh. The laugh that used to send tiny prickles of pleasure up my spine. Not anymore.

“I simply came to see you my love.” Maria replied drawing closer to me. Was she still wearing my army coat? I hadn’t recognized it before now. I blinked.

“You didn’t even come to my wedding and you expect me to believe that you came all the way to Canada to see me?” I asked glaring slightly at her. I had been a little put off that my creator hadn’t shown up to my wedding. Maria laughed.

“Did you expect me too?” She asked. I sighed, she had a point, and I shouldn’t have expected her too.

“No, of course not.”I said. “But really, Maria, why are you here?”

“The Volturi are following me because of the New Born Armies I created. I thought that I would be safer among vampires rather than alone. I had heard you were living with a clan, so of course I came here.” She said with a sigh. I frowned, I had always known it was going to be a matter of time before the Volturi caught up with Maria, but to have her here, with them chasing her and putting my family at risk?

“So you thought you would put me and my family and wife at risk?” I asked an even edge to my tone.

“Jasper, I created you. I’d protect you if the situation was reversed.” Bull shit. I thought. She’d most likely high tail it clear to the other side of the world if the Volturi were coming after me.

“Fine. You’re here. “Was all I said. “But if the Volturi do come…”

“Then I will leave.” Maria said sincerely.

“And I will hold you to that promise.”I said.

“Jasper… Don’t you miss what we had?” Maria asked a hungry tone to her voice. I should have known that she was going to try and get me to go back with her. Most likely she was losing at her wars and wanted me back so she could win them again. I wasn’t going back to that life. Not ever. Not now that I had Alice.

“No, Maria what we had is over.”I said very gently. “Come on, you should clean up, maybe Alice has some clean clothes that will fit you.”I added now taking her gently back into the house. Alice was at the door before we even reached it.

“Of course I have some clothes to dress Maria up in!” She said all hyper, and practically bouncing on her heals. Then, she took hold of Maria’s hand and practically began to pull her up the stairs. Maria shot me a look that said I’m not too sure about this. But Alice laughed. “And while you clean up and get dressed you can tell me baby stories!” Alice continued. I laughed and slapped my forward. Oh lordy, I wondered what Maria was going to tell my wife about my first few years as a vampire.

“Carlisle?” I asked after my wife and Maria had disappeared up the stairs. “I need to talk to you.”

Oui cariño a estas personas son tan extraños, necesita venir a casa conmigo! ¿Cómo se puede vivir con ellos?”: Oui my darling these people are so weird, you need to come home with me! How can you live with them? )

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