Monday, August 23, 2010

(Calgary, 1972 ) Someone is becoming a big problem (Alice)

I had somehow managed to get Maria into one of my red mini skirt and a matching light red plaid shirt. She wore the shirt tucked in with a pair of black knee high socks and a pair of flats. A stringed belt was tied to her side, and I had managed to pull her long, black curly hair up. Throughout the entire makeover, Maria however, pleasant she was trying to be, was severally getting on my nerves.

“It’s just that I’ve known Jasper a little bit longer than you have my dear.” She was saying as I gently put one of my cheap peace sign necklaces on her. As I clasped the necklace together she looked up at me in the mirror. “He was so handsome the first day I saw him. Sitting there so proudly on his horse. He was afraid of us. The three of us you know. I felt slightly bad for taking him, but I needed him. I knew that a Major would do me a world of good in my wars.”

“Of course he was afraid, he was a human then.” I said sympathetically. She smiled at me sweetly.

“When he was mine….” She began again for the millionth time and I let it slip into one ear and out the other as my world slowly began to change. I sighed and took a step backwards, leaning up against the wall.

It was then that I saw them for the first time in a vision. The Volturi I knew they were from the Volturi because of the cloaks and their necklaces. There was three of them. A tall, muscular one, a thin one and a slightly older, male in his forties perhaps? He was very handsome. They were coming this way, looking for a woman who used to start new born armies. Maria. I blinked and stared at her for a moment.

“Alice, did you hear anything I said?” She asked.

“Look at you!” I squealed and finished putting her hair up. “The perfection of the 70s.” I grinned. She really did look wickedly beautiful. But I knew that Jasper only had eyes for me. As if reading my thoughts she smiled.

“Do you think he’ll like it?”

“Jazz will love it because I did this.” I smiled just as sweetly to her as she had been to me. “Come on, lets go down stairs.” I said leading her by the hand.

“My Jasper… “She began but before she could finish we were at the stairs and Jasper was quickly in front of us.

“A neighbor just called and said her children are missing. They went into the woods…”

“It was before you told me not to hunt in the neighborhood.” Maria interrupted.

“But they were children Esme was saying as came farther down the steps. The idea that Maria killed a few children from the neighborhood was unsettling. Just as unsettling as the Volturi coming.

“Humans are all the same, children or adult. They are food” Was all Maria said in an explanation.

“Now we’ll have to move again.” Rose complained. “And I was just starting to like it here.” She glared at Maria.

“Carlsile?” I asked coming down the stairs. He looked at me from where he stood near Esme. “I had a vision of the Volutri coming here.”I said quietly.

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