Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Carlisle's office (Alessandra post)

I took off my Oscar de la Renta canary tweed long sleeve jacket and laid it on the floor next to me where I sat. Then, smooth the sweet marigold silk skirt I wore down and crossed my legs underneath it. My homework splattered across the floor in the corner where I sat far enough away from the others, to give them some distance. Yet close enough if they needed me. I was there more for the fact that they all felt vulnerable at the moment than for my own sake. Personally, I’d rather be home with Petrus at the moment. But, we had eternity to be alone together. At the moment, Carlisle and his family was far more important. Keeping them safe was my chief concern… Next to home work of course.

“I can’t believe I finally found someone else who has a taste in fashion. Is that an Oscar de la Renta outfit?” Alice asked, her voice still quiet and timid. I couldn’t blame her for being frightened over this whole ordeal that was apparently happening because of her.

“Do you think it’s too much for Forks?” I asked.

“No, I think it’s perfect, it suits you well.” Alice said her eyes shifting to the woods outside. I gently touched her hand.

“Alice, nothing is going to get past those woods.”I assured her gently. She shot me a worried look. “The only fight I’ve ever lost was against Alec and Jane.”I muttered darkly, then shuddered at the memory of being rendered senseless.

“I hate feeling so helpless.”Alice whispered. I laughed darkly.

“Believe me, I do understand how you feel.” My thoughts going back to those days when I had first meant the Volturi and their leader. Once again I felt the heat of the fire that had killed my family, heard their screams and saw the smoke rising up into the sky, blocking a sunny day from view. I closed my eyes, not wanting to visualize the scene again. “Sometimes the feeling of helplessness also creates a need for revenge.”I whispered quietly, clutching the pen in my hand.

“Revenge?” Alice asked. I nodded and looked back down at my homework, then bit my cold lip. “I… “

“It’s okay, you don’t have to tell me.” Alice said smiling. “I understand.” She quietly scooted back over to were the others sat watching the tv. There was some action movie going, and I went back to my homework for a few minutes, but the movie was distracting. I tried listening to my ipod, but my mind started to drift to back to my memories, so I finally stood up and decided to explore the house. No one seemed to notice that I was gone, or if they did, they didn’t bother to stop me. I was sure Jasper knew where I was at least. Maybe they were all too into their movie. Whatever it is.


The first thing I noticed at the end of the hallway was a rather large wooden cross. The cross was old, 16th century perhaps? It was clear that the cross was from Carlisle’s past, I didn’t think anyone else in the house would have a wooden cross. Somehow, knowing Carlisle as I did, rather knowing what little I knew about him as I did, I wasn’t surprised to find it there. If the other Volturi guards saw it, they would only have something else to taunt him about.

I wondered slightly about the symbolism of the cross, I had never been interested in Carlisle’s religion or the Christian faith so I had never researched it or read up on the religion. I had always preferred to keep my pagan one, of course I knew there were other religions in the world today. I just was slightly ignorant of their purposes. With the cross standing over me, I slowly made my way through the hallway to the first bedroom on the right.

The door was wide opened and the room was a disaster. It looked quite like a tornado had gone through it. What with the bed un-made, and clothes stewed all over the place. A dirty sock hanging from a chair, a dress draped over another. This must be Rosalie and Emmett’s room, I dared not venture any farther than the door, so I quiet shut it, and went to the next.

The next door I came too was open only slightly and I quietly pushed it all the way opened, but stopped before I entered. The distinct smell of a small rabbit it my nose before I took another step farther and to my surprised on its own little stool, sat a little cage with a bunny in it, who was up against the far end of the cage, shivering. Clearly terrified of me. I sighed. I wasn’t going to torture the little thing any farther, and quietly shut that door too.

At the very end of the hallway was yet another door that seemed to take up quite a lot of space on its own. Or rather, the room itself did, and I found the door like others slightly opened.

The first thing I noticed in the room, that it was obviously an office. There was a desk in the middle near a window, that seemed to be sitting in the middle of the tree line. Shelves filled with medical books and other treasures filled the room along with dozens of priceless pieces of art. Some depicting religion, other’s vampirism. But there was one that caught my eye above all others.

The painting itself was in the middle of a wall with no others surrounding it. Aro stood on the balcony looking down at a crown of vampires perhaps? Or humans? I wasn’t sure, as I didn’t remember the paintings. Next to him stood Marcus and next to Marcus against the wall was Carlisle, on the other side was Caius. I sucked in my breath, as I stared at the four of them on the wall. It was almost as if I was back in Volterra, inside the castle and its white marble walls. I could feel Aro’s gaze boring into me, as if any given moment he was going to pop out of the painting and come at me.

I took a step backwards, and found myself stepping into something hard and cold. I turned around to see Carlisle.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to intrude…. I was… restless.”I said getting a hold of myself. Had I really become so lost in the painting that I hadn’t even heard Carlisle come into his office? This wasn’t good, if I was supposed to fight two nomadic vampires, I’d never win that battle, if I was this easily distracted.

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