Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Coco goes to Olivia (Alice Post)

I had presumably asked Alan if it would be alright to give Olivia my little bunny. I simply exclaimed that the poor creature had taken a firm disliking to Carlisle and Jasper. I also explained that if the darling little child had a pet to take care, then it would teach her some sense of responsibility. This of course was the winner.

“Olivia.”I said quietly gathering Coco up into my arms, when she came bouncing down the stairs with Carlisle. Looking very happy with her new stethoscope and doctor’s coat. We were all convinced she was going to be a doctor when she grew up. She bounced right up to me, and reached out her tiny arms for Coco. I gently laid the rabbit into her arms, petting him softly.

“How would you like to keep Coco?” I asked, smiling. Olivia’s eyes grew wide.

“Can I? Can I really?” She asked turning to Karen and Alan. They both nodded and she squealed in delight.

“But that means you have to take on full responsibility for him. You have change his cage, and feed him. He needs to be held and played with.” I said. I really couldn’t think of anyone else whom I would rather see Coco go to than Olivia. And with the Newtons the bunny wouldn’t be afraid. I hoped anyway. Coco’s nose twitched slightly as if he agreed with me. “See, he likes you. He talks back by twitching his nose, and wiggling his ears and toes.” I smiled.

“Really?” Olivia asked checking Coco’s nose. Sure enough, it twitched. Everyone laughed. “I promise to take good care of Coco, and you can come see him whenever you want.” Olivia looked to Karen for permission and I laughed as Karen nodded.

“I’m sure Coco will be just fine. But I’ll come see you, and him.”I said smiling. I couldn’t leave the little bunny for very long. Coco looked at me lazily from Olivia’s arms, then snuggled into the eight year old. I wondered if this is what it was going to be like having a niece. Someone to spoil and love, and take places. That could be fun. The thought of having my own children however, never really crossed my mind. Of course, I never had those human experiences that the rest of my family did. So the desire for children was as strong as it was for me.

Suddenly Jazz was at my side with Emmett and Mike. “Hey, where’d you get the rabbit?” Mike asked Olivia, petting Coco. She motioned her arm towards me. “You gave her Coco?” He asked me. I smiled leaning into Jazz slightly.

“Yep. I think she deserves a pet, don’t you?” Mike shrugged. We had never really been friends in school, so I was sure he felt awkward having us here with him. Though him and Emmett seemed to get along. But Emmett got along with everyone.

“I guess.” He said then grinned. He threw the basket in his hands back to Emmett in the house, which got him a glare from both Karen and Esme, plus an extra one from Esme.

“Mike!”Karen snapped. “Not in the house. Out!” She said, scooting her son and Emmet back out of the house.

“Aw but mom, we just wanted drinks.”

“I don’t care, you aren’t throwing that ball in my house.” Karen sounded nearly exactly like Esme, and I half wondered if this was how most mothers sounded like when their children were being bad. I smirked at Emmett, while Esme gave him another glare.

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