Monday, August 9, 2010

Leaving Jasper Behind (Alice Post)

“Jasper… I know it’s hurting you to hold my blood.”I said again after Carlisle was out of earshot. “Why don’t you let Alessandra or Petrus do it?”

“Petrus is still a new born. I’ll be fine.” Jazz reassured me. I felt tiny tears prick at the corner of my eyes and I wasn’t sure if it was because I was actually scared for the first time in my life, or if it was because I was frustrated due to the fact that I couldn’t see anything at all. Or maybe it was a combination of both. That and I hated seeing my husband upset, or hurt or angry. I quietly tip toed closer to where he stood with Alessandra and Petrus. Petrus growled in my direction and I stopped.

I knew he couldn’t help it being a new born and all, but it still unnerved me just a tiny bit, and given the situation I was in, I supposed it should. I knew that nothing was going to happen to me, while I was this close to Jasper, and I waited as he stepped forward, my blood still in his hands. He clutched the bag tighter, and tried to smile.

“Don’t get killed.”I said quietly standing on my tip toes and kissing him softly. He gently touched my lips, and then brushed his hand on my cheek.

“I never lose, Alice.”He replied quietly. “I have something to live for now. If it comes to it, let Carlisle bite you again.”I nodded. I had no plans of leaving him.

“If they hurt you…”

“They won’t.”

“Besides, he has us.” Alessandra smiled nodding. I noticed that she was still wearing her thousand dollar outfit. She shrugged when I looked her up and down.

“I’ll just have to buy another if I get it ruined. Be safe.” She said quietly. “Petrus.” She added holding up her hand, to stop him from taking a step closer. He sighed, and then took a step backwards.

Jasper held me in his free arm for a moment, and took a deep breath. I knew he was checking my scent.

“You do smell oddly like Emmett.”He grinned, and you are swimming in Esme’s clothes.” He added, sheepishly. Then gently kissed me again. “Alice, everything will be fine, I promise.”Jasper quietly traced my chin, before planting another kiss on me.

I swallowed hard as I took a step backwards and watched him carefully. Memorizing every fine detail about him. Just in case… No, I didn’t want to think about that.

“Carlisle will keep you safe and when it’s all over with, I’ll take you on a shopping spree.”

“Promise?”I asked trying to smile. He nodded.


“Don’t let anything happen to him, Alessandra.”I said peering over at her. She laughed.

“Jasper is a big boy I am fairly certain he can take care of himself. “She replied cheerily.” Alice, honestly I don’t think you give him enough credit, but I promise, I won’t let anything happen to him.” She added a bit more solemnly.

I kissed my husband one more time, turned and walked away, I got about half way to the front of the house when I turned back to look at Jazz one more time. Sure enough Jasper was watching me very intently. I swallowed. This was one of the few times I had ever left him not knowing if I would see him again. Okay it was the first time. I felt a wave of anxiety rush over me and resisted the desire to run back into his arms. He would be fine. I had to tell myself as I made my way to the car. I got into the back seat and sat next to Emmett. I would have felt safer next to Carlisle, but I wasn’t going to boot Esme out of the front seat.

Instead, after I buckled my seat belt, I pulled my knees up and leaned my chin into them, fighting the urge to cry.

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