Monday, August 9, 2010

A luxury suite at a Vintage Hotel (Alice Post)

“It’s our policy that luxury suites need to be booked at least a week in advance--” A tall burnet with a pouty upturned lip began twirling her pen on a piece of paper while the rest of us stood behind Carlisle with our luggage. Apparently we were staying in a hotel in Portland until Jasper called to give us the clear that it was okay to return home.

“Yes I understand, but is there a luxury suite available?” Carlisle asked his British accent coming out a bit. Emmett smirked. Rose smacked him.

“Emmett.”She hissed.

“What?” He asked innocently.

“Yes, but- -“ This woman was not going to give in was she? I looked at Esme who smiled gently at me and squeezed my hand in reissuance.

“Then, I will pay double--.” Carlisle smiled and began to pull out his wallet.

“Wait… Wait…”The burnet started, but a man who stood near her, held up his hand.

“Times are hard. Especiall, in this economy. Did you want to pay that with credit or cash?”

“Here” Carlisle said handing the man his credit card. Of course the man behind the counter checked his information. “It’s very real, I assure you.” Carlisle insisted.

“Oh I have no doubt.” The man said.


Our suite, the luxury suite in the Hotel Vintage Plaza, was way up on the very top floor of course, looking out onto the beautiful city of Portland, Oregon. If it had been any other situation I might have been excited to get away for a little while. Rosalie, Emmett, Carlisle, Esme and I could go shopping in downtown, historic , Portland and bring back loads of stuff to Forks. Of course, shopping was the last thing on my mind.

“I call the big bed, for Rose and me. A little romantic evening, hey Babe?”

“Hush Emmett, I think Alice and I should share the bed. She needs a good night sleep. You can sleep on the couch.”

“Aw but babe!”

“He’s right Rose, I wouldn’t want too…”I began thinking of how I’d like my romantic evening with Jasper if he were here… I sighed thinking of Jasper and twisted the tiny wedding ring on my finger.

“I will not have you sleeping on the sofa.”Was all Rose would say, and that was that.

I laid my suitcase down on my side of bed and flipped it open, then shut it and sat down.

“What is it Alice?” I bit my lip. It wasn’t like I hadn’t ever been away from Jasper before. We spent loads of time away from each other. But I had always had my visions to keep help keep track of him, and I knew he was coming back. This time it was different. I picked up my cell phone wondering if I should call him, then thought better of it.

If he was in the middle of a fight with James or Victoria, then I didn’t want to kill any chances he had of surviving.

“Alice. Jazz will be okay.”Emmett reassured me. I gave him a weak smile.

“Come on, let’s go explore. We might as well get to know the place if we’re gonna be here for the night.” Emmett continued, grabbing my hand before I had chance to say no.

“Woe, Mom and Pops have a bigger room than we do; too bad that bed wasn’t… HEY BABE! You gotta see this!”

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