Monday, August 30, 2010

No other coven in Forks (Alessandra)

Damn! I wasn’t Vestia of the Sismondi for nothing. I knew how to spy things out, how to scoop out information when I needed it. I knew the latest fashions and who was who, and where they were. But for the life of me, I could not find this mysterious coven that was supposed to be living in Forks. I threw my book bag on the wooden floor in front of the door with an exasperated sigh. The book bag made a loud crashing noise, and the wood bent slightly underneath from the impact. One more thing to fix. I thought equally annoyed.

Bang, bang, bang! The house vibrated slightly. Bang, bang… As if I wasn’t annoyed enough as it was, Petrus had to be in the basement with his stupid instruments. I tossed my light, fall jacket onto the sofa and made my way down to the basement.

Yes, the banging became louder, and soon I could hardly hear myself think. Most of the time I liked rock n roll. But I still preferred the gentle tones of classical. Vivaldi and Bach, no one could compare with them. I pulled the plug from Petrus’ base system as he sang some profane words.

“HEY!” He shouted loudly into the microphone.

“Hey yourself!”I said crossing my arms. Dropping the mic, Petrus was suddenly standing beside me.

“WHAT YA DO THAT FOR?” He all but shouted at me. I grinned at him. Aw, it looked like I annoyed him.

“So I could think.” I snapped, holding tightly to the plug in my hand. He wasn’t getting that plug. Nope. No he wasn’t. As I expected, Petrus reached for it, but I held it just slightly out of his hand, and then motioned for it to move far out of his reach. It sat there in the air as far as it would go. Petrus pouted like a five year old and growled at me. He actually growled at me.

“I was rather enjoying myself.”He muttered.

“That makes one of us. Did you look for the coven today?” I asked peering at him with a smirk while he tried to pull down the plug that just kept crawling up in the air. I loved being a gifted vampire at times.

“Maybe.” Petrus replied. I glared at him. He threw up his hands in the air. “Alright, I looked but I didn’t find anything, can I have my plug now?”

“No.”I said. “I am going to call Aro and tell him that there isn’t another coven in Forks and to stop freaking out.”

“Wont he try and send for us if you do that?” I snarled.

“Let him try.”I snapped, and waved the plug down to the ground, bounding up the stairs in a most ungraceful manner, I found my cell phone in my book bag and dialed Aro’s number. It took him a minute to answer. Probably trying to figure out how to answer it. Even though he had used the damn thing a million times.

“Alessandra, darlin’ I was wondering when I would hear from you.” Aro said in a silky, velvet voice. I frowned. Why did he always have to use that voice on me? It wasn’t working.

“You know that coven you sent me here to find?” I asked tapping my fingers up and down on the edge of the sofa.

“Yes. Did you find them?”

“No, there is no trace of them. Neither Petrus nor I have found them.” I said through clenched teeth and not at all very nicely. Not the way one should talk to their master but he wasn’t my master anymore. “Which means, you put me through hell and back for nothing.” I added none to happily.

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