Monday, August 23, 2010

On French Movies, Victorian things and just randomness

Music: Non, Je ne regrette rien ~ Edith Piaf
Book: Soulless~ Gail Carriger
Mood: Bouncy!

What have you been doing Joanna? Why have you been so silent on your blog lately you may ask me? Well the answer is simply this, I have been busy with my day job. Yep. Work has been killing me lately. Zapping up all the energy out of me. But I suppose everyone's work does that to them.

During the time that i havent been posting on my blog however, I did get to see Mr. Moore, and it was very nice seeing you too. :)

I also ran across a lovely little French Movie I really want to see called Les Aventures Extraodinaires d' Edele Blanc- Sec. Can't wait for it to come out with English subtitles. here is the trailer.

Oh and I also started a new book series called the Alexia Tarabottii series. So far, they are awesomeness! I'm only a hundred pages into the first book but I cant put it down! I've learned so much from the author already and her website is just as brilliant as her books are. Full of fun Victorian Information. And everyone knows I love the Victorian time period.

I suppose thats all the interesting things I have to write about at the moment. I hope it wasnt too boring lol. So I end with a beautiful song from Edith Piaf.

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