Monday, August 23, 2010

On the subject of Muffins and Coco. (Alice Post)

A large number of filled boxes suddenly came down on top of me, as I tried to grab for a scarf that I had stupidly put way up on the top shelf, in the far back of the shelf. I laughed when the boxes hit the floor, missing me entirely and watched happily as the pretty, vintage, Dior, pink, scarf felt effortlessly into my small hands. Well that worked out to my advantage. I thought happily. Then, sighed in exasperation as I looked down at the pile of boxes and items on the floor. Most were vintage and extremely expensive. They could sell for a good deal of money on ebay if I ever so choose.

At the moment, however, the boxes were left unattended. I wasn’t in the mood to clean up my mess, and with one small forlorn look at my now sleeping bunny, I bounced down the stairs, smelling blue berry muffins and waffles the whole way. Did Esme get up early? I wondered, making my way into the kitchen.

“Good morning Alice!”Jazz said at my side before I even glided into the kitchen. I laughed, as he gently snuggled me into him and gave me a kiss.

“Good morning.”I said cheerfully.

“Did you sleep well?”

“Yes, very well. I’m so happy to be home.”I said smiling, as Jasper lead me into the kitchen. The beautiful aroma of Blue Berry Muffins and Waffles getting ever so much stronger. My stomach made an ungraceful growl. “That smells good.”

“Carlisle and I cooked breakfast.” Jasper explained pulling out a chair for me. Esme was already at the table with a fork in hand and a cup of coffee in the other.

“Good morning Dear. There’s plenty for everyone.” She said smiling, while Carlisle handed me a muffin and a plate of waffles.”

Emmett and Rose came down now too. I knew it wouldn’t be long until Emmett woke up to the smell of food. It was like food ruled him… Next to Rosalie of course that is.

“Yum! Muffins!” Em said and leaped into a chair but not before receiving a side long glare from Esme. He shrugged the glare off and reached for the plate of muffins and the butter.

“Carlisle and Jazz cooked those.” I said.

“Really? I didn’t know you guys could cook.” Em said.

“Are they good?” Carlisle asked with such a hopeful expression that even if they had not been good, I was certain Emmett would tell him they were.

“They’re awesome Pops!”

“Did you think I was lying when I said they were good?” Esme asked looking hurt.

“No of course not! I was just….” Caught, Carlisle seemed to cower slightly, receiving a chuckle from Rose and a sympatric look from Emett. I smiled sweetly at my own husband. Then, suddenly, remembered Coco.

“I nearly forgot!”I said laying my nearly finished muffin down on my plate. Crumbs slowly falling from the sweet tasting thing as I did. “Poor Coco is terrified of Jasper and it takes me forever to get him to calm down. It would be cruel to keep him here. I was thinking of giving the bunny to Olivia.”I said. I really didn’t want to give up my first pet. But I wasn’t going to engage myself in animal cruelty. “Do you think she’d like a bunny?” I asked looking at Carlsile. He was the only one at the table whom seemed to know Olivia the most.

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