Monday, August 23, 2010

(Portland, OR) Making plans (Alice Post)

I sat staring silently at my phone, while Rosalie went to go find Emmett. Edward wasn’t sleeping and didn’t feel tired at all? This could either be a system that Carlisle had talked about taking place before the change. Or perhaps a result of worrying too much.

“Have you had much caffeine?” I asked now worried.

“No, Alice I don’t think it’s that. I think it’s something else. I think I might be starting to change…”

“Back.” I finished. “Edward maybe you should talk to Carlisle about this.”I said moving away from a group of people that had begun to listen into my phone conversation. Humans had an annoying way of eavesdropping. Didn’t people know it was impolite to listen into other peoples conversations?

“No… No, I think I’ll wait it out another night or two just to be sure that’s what it is. I mean it could be a number of other things. I don’t want to worry Carlisle anymore than I know he already is at the moment. “

“Alright, but Edward, just come home soon okay?” I said.

“I will, and make sure you call me when things are safe and after Jasper calls you.”

“Scouts honor!”I said making a salute sign which got me a few strange looks. Whatever, I was used to people looking at me oddly. “And Edward?” I asked.


“You still owe me that Porsche.”I giggled and hung up the phone.

“There you are!” Rosalie said dragging Emmett behind her like a sad little lost puppy. I must have missed something.

“Emmett wants to get us tickets for the pre-season game of the Trailblazers.”

“Rose wanted to get reservations for the spa.” Emmett muttered.

“Emmett, I told you I made that up.”Rose laughed.

“Maybe we can go shopping? Portland has some awesome places, and we can see if Carlisle and Esme wanna go. Then we could go to that game and by the time we get done with all that we’ll probably want a spa!”I said excitedly. The thought of shopping always excited me, and it would keep me from waiting on the edge of my seat for Jasper to call.

“And that way we each get to do something we want.” I added grinning.

“Alright, I’m for that.” Rose said, nudging Emmett.

“As long as I don’t have to go to the spa.”

“Aw Em, you might like it.” I said laughing.

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