Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Researching a certain coven (Alessandra Post)

“What ya doin’?” Petrus asked leaning in to kiss me lightly, while I sat at my laptop.

“Oh, trying to research this Asian Coven that is supposed to be in residence here. And to be frank, I haven’t seen them. Have you?”I asked turning a perplexed gaze on my… my… lover I suppose was the right word.

Petrus frowned, then, looked thoughtful for a moment. He looked so adorable when he was trying to think. Wow, I was really thinking that wasn’t I? Sully would be shocked. “No, I can’t say that I have. Did you ask Doc about them?” I shook my head.

“No.”I said. “I didn’t want to bother him after the events of the past few days. I am sure he wants to spend time with his family. He deserves that much.” I turned back to the computer. This damn coven just seemed to vanish. I wondered if maybe they had been killed, or dispersed. I thumbed the edge of the desk, then, pushed my chair away. I’d have enough.

“I’ll look around the area today and see if I can track them.” Petrus said trying to be helpful, as I knew he would.

“Thanks. That would help. I’ll keep looking for them at the high school. I really don’t think they’re there.”

“Maybe they knew we were coming and left?” Petrus asked. “The Volturi have a way of doing that you know? Scaring vampires.” I laughed.

“Yes we do.”I said leaning in to kiss him. “I’m gonna be pissed if they are not here.”I sighed as Petrus wrapped his arms around me.

“I wouldn’t blame you for being slightly annoyed if they aren’t. But look at it this way, by coming here, you found your freedom.”

“I have looked at it that way.”I smiled then sighed when the clock struck seven. “I should go.” I really didn’t want too. School was soooo boring.

“Why not ditch today if you don’t want to go?”

“I shouldn’t do that too often. “I explained. “Besides, it’s a way to get used to being around humans. I mean I am used to being around them…. But it helps you know?”

“Whatever you say.” Petrus said letting go of me but not before kissing my head, and gently tracing my cheek. I leaned into his hand.

The idea that I had found him after all these centuries of lonely waiting was absurd, yet like a romantic story. My whole life could be summed up in a soap opera of romantic stories though. A desperate part of me did not want to leave Petrus’ arms. Yet I knew I had too. Stupid High School that Aro wanted me to attend. Why was I still doing what he wanted me to do anyway? Wasn’t I trying to wash my hands clean of the bastard?

Finally, I slipped out of Petrus’ arms, and picked up my book bag. Okay, time for school. Yay. I thought rolling my eyes.

“Don’t make any humans cry.” Petrus waved at me as I practically crawled out the door as slow as a snail going crossing the road. That was tempting, to make a human cry. Hah, if anyone could, I could.

“I’ll behave myself.”I flashed him a grin and pulled out of the driveway.

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