Monday, August 23, 2010

Scoping things out (Alessandra Post)

Forks High School; seemed like such a small thing compared to the events of the last few hours. I had been in my norm, fighting vampires, searching for vampires, helping to save those I had come to actually like? Was that the right word? Yes, I had actually come to like the Cullens. Carlisle, of course I had liked long before he had a family, but the others, I supposed where of equal standards. As they should be, given the fact that they were mostly made by Carlisle. With the exception of Alice and Jasper. Though the two of them blended in nicely with the family.

I had begun to sit my tray quietly down on a table far off in the corner of the lunch room. The tray was filled with food, that I had no plans of trying. I had of course debated on the logical theory of eating raw meat. This theory of course, going back to when I had, what Carlisle called systems of changing back into a vampire. The idea of eating raw meat, however, did not sit well with me. So I sat the tray of food on the table, looking at it longingly. If only I could taste it.

Before I had changed into a human, the idea of having blood to sustain myself, seemed like such a small thing. Human food, was never an option and has it had changed a good deal since I was alive, I didn’t miss it. But now, now that I had tried it, well American food anyway, and liked it, I was finding that I missed it. I missed tasting things, rather than just drinking blood all the time. Having to drink blood to live sounded so... monstrous. I sighed and opened up a text book. Then shut it again. Why was I even bothering? I knew all the stuff in the book anyway; I had no idea why I had insisted on taking History. As if living through two thousand years of history wasn’t enough, I had to sit through a boring old high school class of it.

Besides, I had quiet forgotten that the real reason why I was in the building to begin with was not to blend in with society, but to find the second coven of vampires who were supposedly living in Forks. Aro had a right to feel threatened by this, and I had yet to speak to Carlisle on the matter. Things had been moving so fast, that I had of course forgotten. But now that I was here, alone for once in the lunch room, I decided to quietly and discreetly try and scope the vampires out.

As I scanned the lunchroom for the vampires, I began to notice that the only people in the room where human children. I sighed. Of course, Aro would send me on a ninny mission. A mission that didn’t even exist. This meant that I had gone through….. I had gone through all that insanely emotional bull shit of turning into a human for nothing? I felt my temper start to rise, and my text book slowly began to lift into the air. Before anyone could notice, I slapped it back down onto the table. Steady there Alessandra. I told myself, and closed my eyes.

I had come to Forks with Petrus in toe, to scoop out another set of vampires that were supposedly living in the area and attending the Forks High School, under no guardianship. This of course was cause for alarm, but as it seemed that they were not at school. And it was a cloudy day, nor had I run into any other vampires other than the Cullens and the Nomads in the area, it seemed that they were not any longer in residence in the area. Which yes, meant that I had come here for nothing?

No, it wasn’t all for nothing. If I had never come to Forks than Petrus and I never would have…. I shook my head.

“Alessandra?” I looked up to see Angela holding a tray of food. I smiled at her. “Why don’t you sit with us instead of all by yourself?” She asked. I knew she was just trying to be friendly and I had to give her the fact that she was trying to be nice to a vampire so while inwardly sighing, I slowly stood up and gathered my books and still full tray. “You know, you don’t have to wait for me to join the group. I mean you’re part of it too now. So you can just sit with us even if I am a little late.” She said pushing her glasses up on her nose.

“Thank you, I’ll keep that in mind, I didn’t mean to be rude, or seem like a loaner I guess. It’s just that I… Oh I don’t know.” I managed to get out without saying what I was really doing in the corner. I couldn’t tell her that I was part of the Vampire Royal family and that I was only here for a mission. Well I had only come here for that reason. I really was no longer just here for that reason. I made a mental note to call Aro when I got home and out of human earshot.

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