Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Testing Skills (Alessandra Post)

“Did you see them?” Jasper asked coming up from behind me as I sat on the roof, scanning the area surrounding the house, looking for James and Victoria.

“I did.”I said nodding my head.”Over there, about ten yards away. It was just a quick movement. I think they know I’m here.”I grinned wickedly at Jasper. The meeting I had in the woods with the nomads wasn’t exactly friendly, at the same time I hadn’t thought that I had made enemies out of them. However, now that I was here clearly part of Carlisle’s team, I supposed you could say, it was clear, who’s side I was choosing. I hoped I scared Victoria and James just a tiny bit. However, I really didn’t think that it was possible to scare the wild beasts.

“Both of them?”

“James and Victoria.”I nodded. “They’re slippery. Are you sure you’re up to fighting them?” I asked grinning. “I mean you can always sit out with Carlisle and let Petrus and I take care of it.”

“Oh. Ho! You did not just go there.” Jasper said.

“Yes, I sure did. Mr. I’ve never lost a fight before. What if this one is your first one?”

“It won’t be.”

“It could be. There is always a chance of it…” Suddenly, before I could stop him, Jasper’s hand flew out and I was on the ground below. I shot up off it, and glared him, just barely moving out of the way as he came flying off the roof and hit the ground where I had been laying.

“I never lose.”Jasper smirked.

Oh, ho! He wanted to fight; he wanted to test my skills. I suddenly understood how it was; I pushed the sleeves of my silk blouse up. Alright, two could play at this; I scanned my surroundings quickly and noticed a large rock sitting quietly minding his own business at the edge of the yard. Quickly, I moved the rock in Jasper’s direction. He jumped, but he wasn’t fast enough, because the rock knocked him off his feet as he landed to the ground. I laughed, and he came rushing at me.

I jumped off the ground and flipped over his head, just barely missing his hair, landing next to him. He swung around and lifted his hand up, I caught it. Then he grabbed my arm taking me by surprised and flipped me to the ground. I took a hold of his leg, and sent him flying. Then, rushed at him.

He caught me, and just before sending me to the ground, I jumped up and dashed around him. Standing ten feet away from him, I watched as he came at me, this time throwing every object I could find in his way. He easily jumped over them, until he caught me.

“Not bad.”I smirked. “But not good enough.”I added and slipped up into a tree. Then, came down behind him again. Just as I was going to grab him, he swung around, and slipped me off my feet. I did a back flip and landed on the ground. Another rock, moving out of place and coming at Jasper. I suddenly heard a movement inside the house and looked up to see Carlisle peering out the window to make sure we weren’t killing each other. I grinned, and jumped just in time for Jasper to slide across the ground, then flipped around.

“Looks like Carlisle’s worried that we’re killing each other.” I said, taking a swing at him. Of course Jasper caught my arm. He began to turn me around, but I flipped to the side.

“I thought he would eventually.”Jasper said, taking me off guard again, as I watched Carlisle and not Jasper. Stupid. I fell hard to the ground. Grinned, and watched as a chair from the back porch flew towards Jasper and fell into a million pieces. Sorry Esme. I thought making a mental note to replace the chair and anything else I happened to break.

“Are you satisfied yet?”I asked standing up now. Never letting Jasper leave my sight as he circled me. He stopped suddenly.

“I think you’ll do. No wonder why Aro wanted you as part of his Volturi.” I glared at him.

“It wasn’t like I had a choice.”I muttered, watching Jasper walk towards the house. Suddenly he swung around and went to grab me, but having expected this, I leaped over top of him and hit the ground in front of him. “It is a pretty cool gift though.” I added, and laughed as I walked back into the house.

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