Monday, August 23, 2010

(Volterra 1856) Of Silk, Lace, and Pearls (Alessandra Post)

“The green.”I say pointing to a lovely French, silk, dress with lace sleeves and ribbons on the shoulders and back. There was a charming lace shawl that went with the dress, and tiny matching slippers.

“Yes, I do believe that green would be an excellent color for you Alessandra.” Sully coed and gently helped me out of the red silk dress I had bought in England. Athena undid the buttons in the back while Sully slipped the dress off me with expert hands. She then untied the straw hat I wore and took the pins off. Next she unwound my hair, and brushed it out after it came tumbling down. Soon, all I wore was my under things. Such absurd things they were too. Layer after layer of clothing. Why did women think they needed to wear so many layers these days? In Rome it was perfectly acceptable to go half naked in the streets. In England I would have been arrested for that.

Athena held up the pretty green silk over my head and slipped it on me. Sully did up the buttons, and then turned me around. She burgundy eyes dancing, as Athena helped me into the matching slippers.

“As pretty as Artmis for sure. Aro will be so thrilled to see you. Demetri and Santiago will not be able to take their eyes off you when I am done.” Ooh, no that wasn’t something I wanted. I started to take a step backwards, but Athena gently pushed me towards a chair where they both curled my hair up into the latest fashion. The hairstyle was not one of my favorites at all. I much preferred to let my hair down, or in braided coils.

“Now for the finishing touches.” Sully said, clasping a string of pearls at my neck, and then tying a light pink ribbon in my hair. I was adored with bracelets on both wrists and then sprayed with a rose perfume.

“Perfect, don’t you think Sully?” Athena asked.

“Excellent.” Sully agreed. “What do you think Alessandra?” She asked. I shrugged.

“I would look better in Roman clothes.”I said looking up at Sully through the mirror. “All these silly layers. Do not show off the woman’s figure at all do they?” Sully laughed.

“No of course not dear, but I don’t think that is the point.” She responded gently. “We cannot run around in tunics forever.”

I supposed she had a point, but Roman clothing was so much lighter and not so heavy. Not that I noticed, I was just trying to get used to the idea of the layers. I supposed it was something I had struggled with since the layers and the fashion started to come into play back in the 15th and 16th centenaries.

“Now Sully, you really must put on one of these dresses.” Athena said as I gracefully moved out of the chair.

“Signore Levitsky will not know what to think when he sets eyes on us three.” Athena cooed happily, while we began to help Sully undress.


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