Wednesday, August 4, 2010

(Volterra~ 1856) Returning Home (Alessandra post)

I had thoroughly enjoyed my the freedom that going to Prince Albert’s exhibition gave me, and one could say that I prolonged going as long as possible, so that I could keep my freedom longer. However, as all good things must come to an end, I knew that I had to return to Volterra sooner or later, if only because Aro was sure to send Alec after me again. While I certainly wasn’t afraid of the teenager, I certainly didn’t want to give him any reason what so ever to make me unconscious again. Though the thought of revenge was sweet.

I had often wondered why Aro had allowed Carlisle to leave and not me as well. I supposed that his reasoning for keeping me captive was that I was one of his “dear ones” which seemed to be my cursed in life. Whereas Carlisle was simply his friend, I was part of Aro’s possessions, and I sorely resented this. I longed for the day when he would release me into the world of freedom. I hated being held under his watchful eye even though he thought that I should be grateful for what he did to me.

Grateful was something I was far from. However much I wanted too, no, long too, stay in London; I knew it was time to go home. So I found myself trapping across Europe on my way to Volterra when I remembered those dresses and silks I had seen at the exhibition.

Sully would be naturally angry that she didn’t get to go along with me to the exhibition, and a part of me knew I should have asked Aro if she could come too. But, this was something I had to do alone. I desperately needed the time away from Volterra, and that time away had been very good for me. Those dresses, I had seen in the fashion magazines that littered the shops in London, would be a very happy surprise for her.

So I stopped in France to pick out dresses made of the finest silks, lace and satin for myself, Sully and Athena. For despite the differences between us, we were tightly bond if not by friendship than something else. I couldn’t help but feel that out of everyone in Volterra, Sully was the one who could have truly bonded with. If I hadn’t hated the whole idea of being in Volterra from the start. Or rather if I hadn’t hated the idea of being part of Aro’s Royalty.

After I had gathered a dozen or so boxes, and lingered in France for a bit too long, I quietly slipped into the streets of Volterra. Hidden by a dark cloak, and staying in the shadows, I moved along allies until, I found the one that would lead me to the castle. Just as I was about to open the doors, I noticed a movement in the shadows, and sighed.

“Felix.”I said as the tall Volturi guard stepped out of the shadows, holding the door opened for me.

“Alessandra.” Felix greeted me, then before I could stop him, took hold of my packages. “A lady should not have to carry her own packages. How was your trip?”

“Not long enough.”I muttered, allowing Felix to lead me into the castle.

“Aro’s waiting for you in the forum. He has this crazy idea of having the Volturi photographed, because that is what all the Royal families of Europe are doing at the moment.” I rolled my eyes.

“Aro can wait until I am ready to see him.”I said and then took the packages out of Felix’s arms. “Thank you Felix, I’ll be down in a little while. I want to see Sully and Athena first.” I said. “Please be sure to tell Aro that I am not a slave he can command to do his will anymore.” I added. Then turn and walked down the hallway towards Sully’s rooms.


“No, I don’t want to see you Alessandra, you naughty girl, going all the way to London without me, after all the many times I have taken you with… What is it?” Sully opened her door to stare at me with hard, red eyes.

“I bought you and Athena a few things from Paris on my way home.”I shrugged. “If you don’t want them, I’ll be happy to keep them.”I added with a sly grin. Knowing full well that Sully would want them. Athena suddenly appeared behind Sully.

“Darling, don’t you think that we should at least see what Alessandra brought for us?” She asked, her eyes dancing as Sully snatched the boxes out of my hands. I supposed that meant yes.

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