Wednesday, August 4, 2010

We need a plan (Alice post)

“It seems there has only been one target who escaped James, and that was a Mary Alice, in Mississippi, sometime in the 1920s or so, before I met James. Her scent was a particular lure to him, and when he discovered there was some vampire working at the asylum as some sort of groundskeeper or something where this Mary Alice was locked away,” he glanced at me when he spoke of a vampire working, “who was willing to . . . protect her, well, that just excited him all the more. He loves a challenge. He is quite eager to take the lot of you on. Do not underestimate him.”

“What happened to Mary Alice?”I asked my voice soft and timid

“From what James has told me, he tracked Mary Alice to the asylum, but the other vampire was on to him, and took Mary Alice away and turned her into a vampire to prevent James from having her. James was furious and killed this other vampire, and has been stewing about it ever since. He actually believes, child, that you are the very same Mary Alice. As if that were possible!” he laughed, but stopped abruptly when none of us laughed with him.

I knew my face had gone white from the look on Jasper’s face. And if I had not been in Esme’s arms I may have collapsed. The idea that someone who had tried to kill me all those years ago, was trying now to kill me again, was a little too much too handle. I clasped the sofa with my hands to steady my now shaking body. Esme clutched me tighter into her arms. I looked at Carlisle.

“Carlisle…”I said my voice still and timid, barley audible. He gently held up his hand to stop me from asking what he knew I was going to ask.

“We need a plan. If James is not going to stop until he kills Alice, we need to somehow figure out how to stop him before he kills her.”

“I say we just kill Victoria and James. Why do we need a plan?” Petrus asked. It was clear that Petrus thought very highly of his fighting skills and gift. Whatever that was.

“Petrus, if James is a tracker and Victoria is as slippery as Laurent says we are going to need a strategy. Have you ever been in a fight?” Alessandra asked.

“I knocked the shit out of a couple of boys at school. Got into a few bar fights that ended me with a few nights in jail..”Petrus shrugged.

“Fighting vampires is different than fighting humans.”Jasper said.

“He’s right.”Alessandra nodded. “And I’ll bet Carlisle’s never been in a fight in his life. While I have no doubt that Jasper and I could handle both Victoria and James it would be helpful if the two of you knew what you were doing. I agree with Carlisle. We need a plan. We have to keep everyone else safe. Especially Alice.I have a very bad feeling that this could become nastier than any of us expect. If this is the second time James has come after Alice, then yes we need some form of a plan. ” Alessandra’s golden eyes shifted to me with sympathy. I shuddered, and turned to Carlisle. I couldn’t flee because James would just track me to where ever I was. I couldn’t go to Ed because that would put both my brother and new sister in law in danger. I moved closer to Esme.

Though I knew that nothing was going to happen to me, or rather that my family was not going to let anything happen to me I couldn’t help but feeling small and fragile all the sudden. I decided then and there that I did not like being human at all. If I lived through this, I was going to ask Carlisle to change me back. I really was. I hated feeling this vulnerable, I hated being helpless. Powerless to protect myself. If I was a vampire this wouldn’t have happened. I knew better than to voice my words though with Laurent standing there.

“Are you suggesting that Mary Alice Brandon is actually your Alice?” Laurent asked suddenly, finally putting the two together, and we all fell silent. His eyes grew wide. “Woe… No, please don’t tell me how that is possible. How she is human. That information is far to dangerous.”Laurent said carefully, staring at me.

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