Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Annoying (Alice)

The sun was slowly sitting by the time Esme, Rosalie and I pulled into the driveway. Brilliant hues of bright pink and purple shone brightly through the windows shining down on the house and giving it a certain purple glow. After shining on the house, the rays slowly moved towards Carlisle’s car, which was not parked in the garage. That, meant that my brother and sister in law where home.

Without waiting for Rose to finish parking, and stopping the car, I jumped out the door, and landed gracefully on my two feet. With the car rolling I might add, and much to Esme’s dismay.

“Alice Mary Brandon Whitlock Cullen if you ever do that again---“ She began to shout one the car was stopped and she had stepped out, carrying her new outfit in one hand and her purse in the other. I didn’t let her finish, I was already inside the house.

“Carlisle!”I said and rushed into my father’s arms.

“Alice!” He laughed and let go of me.

“We picked out an outfit for Esme.” I said practically bouncing. “You’re gonna love it! Where is my brother?”I asked peering around him.

“He’s helping Bella--- Alice don’t you think--- Oh never mind!” I heard Carlisle calling as I bounded the stairs two at a time.

“Ed!” I said happily and hugged my brother, then let go of him. He was so cold! I took a good look at him. His face was very pale, his lips slightly blue and his teeth shattering. There were black and blue marks under his eyes. Oooh Poor Edward.

“You’re freezing! Bella, why didn’t you keep him warm?” I asked wrapping a blanket around Edward who was already wearing several layers.

“Bella’s had enough on her mind without looking after me?”

“But looking after you should be her first priority.”I insisted, glaring slightly at my sister in law.

“Alice, she’s pregnant with my child. I want that to be her first priority.” Edward said through chattering teeth.

“Oh that’s right. And I can’t wait to have a little niece or nephew. But really Bella you need to keep an eye on Edward. He isnt used---“

“Alice!” Edward said annoyed. It was then that I remembered something. He had promised to buy me a Porsche.

“Edward have you gotten my Porsche yet?”I asked peering up at him with what I hoped was my most irresistible smile ever. He laughed at me.

“You’re so annoying. Always changing the subject.” He said laughing even though his teeth were chattering, and he was slightly shaking from the cold. Poor Edward. I’d have to make sure Esme made him some hot soup. But being annoying was my special talent. It was something to be proud of too.

“Yes I am annoying, and proud of it!”I said proudly. “But I can also be sweet sometimes too.” I added smiling.

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