Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Anxious for Glee!

Location: Bedroom where else?
Music: Listen~ Glee
Book: Cranford
Mood: Anxious

okay, so after getting freaked out by my sister who said that creditors are now looking up people's names, and checking out their facebook, myspace, and blogs, to see if they are spending money they shouldnt be spending. I decided to make my blog private. High time I did. I mean I dont mind people reading it. But, I'd rather choose who gets to read it, and who doesnt. I might start a public one with my posts and stuff. But I might not. I dunno yet.

Anyway. I've been out of work since Thursday and as of today, I slowly started to go insane. I hate not having work. I mean, I'll be back to work on October 5th full time. But what the hell am I gonna do till then?

This weekend was alright, because I was very busy. We went up north to go to a family reunion and to Mackinaw City. I got some fudge from Joann's Fudge of course.

Oh, and then Sunday, we went to Grand Rapids to see my mom and to the book store. yes I got two books.

Then, yesterday, I pretty much sat around. Looks like i am doing that again today. I did go for a walk this morning just to get some excersize in. I dont know how people go through out life without jobs.

I mean its all very well when you're retired. But gee, what am I gonna do for the next two weeks?

I am also seriously considering, filing for unemployment. It's my sweet little revenge on Flying J for not paying me severance.

On the plus side, there is always a plus side to everything isnt there? I have finally taught myself how to crochet. I am gonna make a little sunglass case, for my sunglasses I think as my first project.

And the best thing is that Glee comes back on at 8 tonight! Weee knew Glee songs!

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