Thursday, September 2, 2010

(Calgary 1972) Things never go as smooth as we want them too

I stood somewhat near Emmett, and listened very quietly trying very hard not to let my emotions show. I was trying desperately hard, not to feel their emotions as well. This was also not entirely easy as the party and my family became rather tensed with the taunting. After the big one sat back down, I noticed Santiago, looking at my scares. Alice moved in closer to me. She reached for my hand.

“Those are a lot of scares there.” Santiago commented and strode forward, shoving my sleeve up to reveal my battle scares. I tried unsuccessfully not to snarl.

“Jazz.” Alice spoke softly, a warning glance, and I quieted.

“He was one of them" Demetri stated before I had a chance to say a word. He came forward, and circled me with hands clasped behind his back. His clothes somewhat out of date. I glanced over at Carlisle. Trying very hard to resist the erge to beat the living tar out of the three Volturi members.

“Jasper was created by Maria.” Alice said quietly, and clutched my hand. “But that is not the path that he follows any longer.”

“Still, he was one of them.” Felix stated. “We do not make exceptions.”

“He is also one of us.” Edward said calmly.

“Jazz hasn’t been on that path for a long time. You cannot judge him, for his upbringing.” Alice enter vied. Felix took a step forward and I quietly slipped Alice behind me. Ready to fight if I had too. Did they think I would come quietly?

“Well, what do you have to say for yourself? Were you with Maria?” He asked.

“I was created by her.”I stated deciding it best not to tell lies. I frowned again, and turned to Carlisle.
“Did you create newborns for her?” Demetri asked. I frowned but nodded.

“I did. But that life is behind me now.” I said. “It was a long time ago.”

“How do we know you are not still in cahoots with her?”

“If I was, and I do mean if, I would have gone with her when she left. But I have Alice now.”I said finally bringing my wife, gently around but shielding her just in case. Not that she needed shielding it was just instinct.

“If you were raised by this Maria, and lived a normal vampire life… somewhat normal vampire life. Why did you choose to live with Carlisle and not come to the Volturi? You must have some sort of gift to be able to have been of some used to this Maria.” Felix said. I cleared my throat and silently cursed the damn Volturi. They always coveted those with gifts or abilities to lead. They knew I had both. Even though I had not used either quality.

“Carlisle lives a very peaceful life compared to the one I had been raised in. He is well mannered,” unlike the two of you I thought. “And I do not want… I do not want to live a life like that again. I like mingling with the humans and living a normal, civilized, lifestyle.” I said through clenched teeth. Wondering if these three walking idiots got any of my hints. I was trying politely to tell them what I thought of them.

Wasn’t the decision to join Carlisle my own? Who were these Volturi to tell me how to run my life? As long as I did not show myself to the humans or created too much trouble, why should they be concerned that I was once part of Maria’s outfit? I should have known that one day this would come back to haunt me. I watched the Volturi men with keen eyes. Trying to determine if I was going to need to either flee, or kick their asses. Things were not going as smoothly as I had hoped. I gently pushed Alice back behind me.

“They won’t hurt you.” She whispered quietly.

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